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Army Soldier Found Guilty Of Murder Of Good Samaritan Marine

Even those serving the country in the armed forces sometimes turn into the bad guy just like a 24-year-old soldier who was found guilty of murder Wednesday. Now, the Army soldier is faced with spending the rest of his life behind bars after shooting a Marine and father of three who was trying to stop the soldier from fleeing the scene of a shooting.

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The incident took place in May 2015 and began when Ricci Chambless Bradden and his then-wife got into an argument at a Walgreens. According to an arrest affidavit, on May 2, 2016, Bradden went to see his wife at a southeast Arlington Walgreens where she worked. After getting into an argument, Bradden shot his wife in the ankle.

35-year-old Marine and father of three Anthony "TJ" Antell Jr. witnessed the shooting and called his wife to warn her who was out in the car. Antell then went to the family car and retrieved his gun to prevent Bradden from leaving the scene. That is when Bradden fatally shot Antell before peeling off in his vehicle.

Antell's wife ran out of the car to his side and cried out for help as her husband took his final breaths.

Crystal Antell testified Tuesday as she described the moments after her husband was shot. "I ran out of the car and I ran to him. And I was on top of him and I was trying to hold him and I was yelling for help and no one would help me and I was just screaming for someone to help me," Crystal Antell said.

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Antell continued, "When the man got out of the car, he was eerily calm. He was so calm that I questioned myself. And the minute his arm started moving, the shots were fired. TJ didn't have a chance. And then the guy got in the car, slammed the door and peeled off like it didn't matter."

Bradden eventually surrendered to the Texas Department of Public Safety office in Hillsboro after his commanding officers urged him to surrender to civilian authorities. Bradden was jailed at Tarrant County Jail on $500,000 bail.

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