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The Second Presidential Debate Is Likely To  Mount Pressure On Trump In His Debate With Clinton

The stakes are high for the Republican nominee, many have questioned his suitability for the position he is seeking; Trump’s past seems to be haunting him in this crucial moments of his campaign. I mean, who thought that the frivolous comments that he made about women a decade ago would ruin his average vote share, well, that’s exactly what is happening now. The Republican Party is in despair as many of the elected Republicans accuse Trump for his actions; they have actually urged him to step down for the position.

The Republican nominee has another golden opportunity to save his beleaguered campaign to white house; this comes amidst the many attacks that have been directed towards his suitability as president. This will be an epic opportunity for the real estate developer to address the many allegations and leaked audios of his comments about women.

Despite the chaos, the Democratic nominee has maintained silence regarding the recent unfolding’s in the Republican Party as she preps to address the important issues in the upcoming debate.

In a the upcoming debate, Donald Trump is under pressure to defuse the comments he made by expressing a lot of remorse and regret; this is the only way that he will stabilize the current situation facing the Republican Party. Trump had made some remarks addressing the Republicans who are not showing support to his campaign; he openly criticized them and said that they will regret it.

Nevertheless, Trump ought to be cautious of the likelihood of Clinton rendering him a harsh blow in his moment of vulnerability. This is a crucial moment before the voters cast their votes; hence Trump ought to optimize this golden opportunity. How? I'm glad you asked, Trump has the opportunity to raise Clintons past regarding her husband's sexual misconduct. This is just an example of the many ways that Trump could unleash a fatal blow to his opponent.

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