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Twitch Spammer Charged In Canada For Spam Attacks

Last year, the video game streaming site Twitch experienced an attack by a spambot and now the spammer behind the attacks has been charged.

Brandan Lukus Apple of Canada is accused of spamming the streaming site Twitch with racist and homophobic messages. Over 1,000 streamers were affected by the bot which spammed hundreds of racist messages in the channel's chats.

Apple has been charged with "mischief in relation to computer data," according to court documents. He is scheduled to appear in court in February over the attack. Apple ran a service that let people send lots of spam as email messages, comments, or into chats like the ones on Twitch.

Apple was identified as the source of the attacks after Twitch worked to identify who was behind the 2017 spam attacks. 1,000 streamers had their broadcasts interrupted by the massive amount of racist spam. The messages would appear in rapid succession, too fast for moderators to ban them all.

According to Twitch in its court filings, the chats for channels were getting 600 messages a minute at its worst point. The messages didn't just contain racist and homophobic slurs, there were also links to obscene sites and accused streamers of using bots to boost their numbers.

The Twitch investigation discovered that the source of the spam messages was a service called ChatSurge that is owned operated by Apple, not the company, the man.

After the investigation, Twitch launched a civil action against Apple as well. The judges ruling restrains Apple from making or distributing software or services that could be used to hurt Twitch.

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