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2017 Statistics: The Year The News Media Went To War Against Trump

With the end of 2017 came the end of President Trump's first year in office and if you were only getting your information through the three major news networks, you would think it was a rough year indeed.

The news media went on an unprecedented campaign of open war against Trump reporting everything he did through a biased viewpoint that fit their agenda of making him look as bad as possible.

The result was many journalists dropping any pretense of professionalism to oppose Trump at all costs, even if that meant hiding parts of the truth or flat out lying.

The Media Research Center analyzed every moment of coverage of President Trump last year on ABC, CBS and NBC primetime newscasts which were seen by more than 25 million every night and found out some interesting facts.

<i>-Trump's presidency was the biggest story of the year accounting for one out of every three minutes of news coverage, almost 100 hours in total.</i>

From Inauguration Day through the end of 2017, the three evening newscasts aired a total of 3,430 stories that had to do with Trump or his administration, totaling 99 hours and 3 minutes of airtime. This puts one out of every three minutes of news about Trump last year.

<i>-The tone of the coverage has been constantly hostile, especially for a new President in his first year. 90% negative compared to only 10% positive, (not including neutral statements).</i>

Analysts reviewing all of the coverage about Trump cataloged 5,883 evaluative statements about the President or his administration from either reporters, anchors or non-partisan sources such as guests or experts. Only about 10% of these comments were positive compared to 5,266, or 90%, were negative.

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<i>-Despite focusing on coverage of Russia, the news networks had almost no airtime for questions about how the investigation started or whether Robert Mueller is capable of being an impartial judge.</i>

These simple facts show how the major news networks have strayed away from their original purpose and become a vehicle for a political agenda. Despite Trump being covered nonstop, the coverage was poor quality and focusing on irrelevant aspects such as controversy instead of policy.

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The amount of airtime devoted to making Trump look bad or providing more than enough coverage of the pointless Mueller investigation shows how the news has gone from reporting truth and facts to reporting things that support their political agenda or making Trump look bad.

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