By: Earnest Jones | 01-16-2018 | News
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Staten Island Woman Sprays Self with Acid, Claims Black Woman Did it

An initial story that was issued by a woman from Staten Island, NY claimed that she suffered face wounds as a result of an acid attack.

However, after an in-depth police investigation, Lizzie Dunn's story turned up to be false. Police were told by the Staten Island woman that she had been attacked and sprayed in the face with acid after a black woman asked her for money.

The woman claimed that after telling the woman she had no money that she was grabbed by the shoulder, spun around, and had acid thrown in her face.

She continued to claim that after being allegedly attacked, she ran to a nearby deli where she frantically urged the owner to call 911. An employee of the deli told reporters, “We thought it was a prank at first, […] She came in here, she was banging on the door, banging on the door. She was almost fainting and falling. … When I tell you it was absolutely horrible — it looks like her face is melting off.”

She also told CBS News, “It seemed like she was spraying a lot of times, like she had to keep pressing the nozzle, […] With my right hand I tried to grab the can and knock it out of her hand, and with the left hand I was trying to shield whatever spray she was misting on me.”

Shockingly, the police investigation revealed that the story was false, Dunn fessed up and admitted to fabricating the story.

The police have yet to come up with a viable motive but have found that Dunn has a history of self-inflicting wounds. The authorities are yet to reveal as to whether they will charge Dunn.


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Anonymous No. 16243 2018-01-16 : 17:52

What a shit way to gain attention!! These idiots just give reasonable doubt to antifa thugs that do actually spray acid in their opponents faces.

Anonymous No. 16268 2018-01-17 : 03:08

I don't see a reason to get upset. Bigot induced her own Karma.

anonymous No. 16366 2018-01-18 : 04:39

Wow !! She has very serious mental health issues. She needs help, not jail.

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