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How The FBI Tried To Discredit Martin Luther King Jr.

Under the Trump administration, thousands of FBI documents have been released relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. There was one document released in particular that alleges financial improprieties by King's civil rights organization, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference among other things including a life of many affairs with hookers.

The files don't indicate if any of the information in the dossier was verified and there was no mention of JFK in the files. The FBI didn't say why they released them as part of a cache of documents relating to the JFK assassination. Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover did not like King and went to extreme lengths to destroy him.

The FBI's campaign against King was highlighted in tens of thousands of declassified FBI memos from the 1960's and Congressional hearings were even held on the FBI's harassment of the black leader in the 1970's. This most recent file is not the first time FBI information about King's sex life has been made public.

During the Congressional hearing, it was learned the FBI wiretapped King's home and recorded information about his affairs which they then tried to use against him. Trump ordered the release of all documents from the Kennedy investigation and among them was a 20-page file that profiles King during his historic campaign for civil rights.

The dossier is dated three weeks before his assassination on April 4, 1968, and says, "The course King chooses to follow at this critical time could have a momentous impact on the future of race relations in the United States. And for that reason, this paper has been prepared to give some insight into the nature of the man himself as well as the nature of his views, goals, objectives, tactics and the reasons therefor."

The document goes on to describe alleged sex acts King engaged in as "unnatural" and "abnormal" detailing an orgy that took place during workshops King held in Miami, Florida in February 1968 with funds from the Ford Foundation mean to train black ministers. "Several Negro and white prostitutes were brought in from the Miami area. An all night-sex orgy was held with these prostitutes and some of the delegates in attendance."

"One room had a large table in it which was filled with whiskey. The two Negro prostitutes were paid $50.00 to put on a sex show for the entertainment of the guests. A variety of sex acts deviating from the normal were observed." The document goes on to label the African-American civil rights organization King led an attempt to "tax dodge".

The document was written while Hoover was director of the FBI.

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