By: Savannah Smith | 01-16-2018 | News
Photo credit: Tucson Police Department

80-Year-Old Arizona Man Arrested for Robbing a Bank

At his age, he should just be at home or in a shelter for the elderly enjoying and taking things easy, but an 80-year old man in Tucson, Arizona was arrested by the police for allegedly robbing a credit union at gunpoint.

Surveillance cameras caught 80-year-old Robert Francis Krebs entering the Pyramid Credit Union and a teller’s window. The elderly man had a handgun, and demanded money from the teller and was given cash before running out of the bank. The authorities did not specify how much money was taken by the elderly robber.

The authorities then circulated surveillance photos of Krebs that led to a tip and his eventual arrest. The photos were released after Friday’s robbery. A local hotel clerk called police Saturday to report that a man who looked like the one in the photos they circulated tried to cash a check.

Police then started checking nearby hotels and located Krebs. He was arrested and booked into jail on two counts of armed robbery.

It is still unclear if he has an attorney. It was also not revealed yet what his motive for the robbery, or if in his advanced age, he has previous records of criminal offenses.


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Anonymous No. 16221 2018-01-16 : 09:44

He looks like Supreme Commander Snoke

Anonymous No. 16223 2018-01-16 : 10:45

More likely wanted one more great party week, understanding he would get a FederalTaxpayer paid Hotel room for 5-10 years with Cable TV, Free HVAC, Free meals and Free medical care until he died.

BTW: The oldest convicted bank robber in the US, was 91 or 92-year-old J.L. "RED" Hunter Rountree, he got 12 years on his 3rd successful Senior bank heist. He died in US Prison medical center a year later.

Fish Stick Dude No. 16288 2018-01-17 : 05:42

He was probably seeking 3 hots and a cot, and free medical. Too old to join the Army.

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