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12 Charged For Feeding Homeless In California

Twelve people were handed misdemeanor charges after handed out food to the homeless at a public park Sunday in the homeless capital of California.

Volunteers were handing out food, clothes, shoes, and toiletries to homeless at Wells Park. California is home to more than 20% of the nations homeless population, two-thirds of which live on the streets.

The 12 who were cited say they plan to take legal action against the city of El Cajon, or they could just follow the law and be charged with crimes, to begin with.

According to the California Department of Health, the recent hepatitis A outbreak that is killing people around the country is largely attributed to the homeless, "The outbreak is being spread person-to-person and through contact with a fecally contaminated environment."

The CDH also said, " The outbreak is caused by related strains of the same hepatitis A virus genotype (IB), which is not commonly seen in the United States but is common in the Mediterranean region, South Africa, and Turkey. The majority of people infected in this outbreak are homeless, use illicit drugs (injected or noninjected), or both."

Thanks to the open borders and sanctuary city status of many of California's major cities, illegals are flooding into cities with no jobs, no money and they are bringing their diseases with them.

"If I’m going to be arrested for something, let it be for feeding the homeless," said Mathew Schneck who was charged Sunday. "I’m not going to apologize for doing the right thing."

The twelve people charged are facing up to a $1,000 fine and jail time.

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Anonymous No. 16270 2018-01-17 : 03:15

The liberal laws of California are so gracious to hand out all the freebies to anyone who enter illegally, but if it is a natural-born citizen, let me starve and suffer. You voted for this crap Cali, the big one can't come soon enough to knock the filthy liberals into the ocean.

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