By: Kyle James | 01-15-2018 | News
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Taylor Swift Warned By Cops About Gun-Seeking "Boyfriend"

A 59-year-old man told police in New Hampshire he is Taylor Swift's boyfriend and needs a gun to protect her, according to law enforcement in New Hampshire.

The man went to the police station for voluntary questioning on an unrelated case, and he bragged about being Swift's boyfriend. He even showed officers text messages he says were exchanged with the country music star.

Police began to worry when the man asked how many states he could drive through with a concealed carry weapons permit. He reportedly told police he wanted a gun to protect Swift in Africa.

He didn't say why he thinks she will be in Africa. Police didn't detain the man since it is not a crime to say you want a gun to protect someone else.

Taylor Swift had some strange fans in the past. During the first three months of 2013, an obsessive fan named Mohammed Jaffar lurked around Swift's 10,000-square-foot penthouse condominium in New York City, including on her roof and ringing the doorbell for 45 minutes.

Jaffar was finally arrested March 6 on stalking and burglary charges and a judge put a protection order in place to prevent the crazy fan from having any contact with Swift.

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