By: Steve Dellar | 01-15-2018 | News
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In Terms of Election Promises, Trump Had a Great First Year

Before you shoot me on this one, yes he hasn’t built the wall yet, but give the guy some time. If we look at all the President has promised and all that he’s done so far, he’s had a very good first year in office.

On Immigration, the US stance abroad, the stock market and taxes, this White House Administration has sure delivered in only its first year in office.

<b>Immigration </b>

Back in 2016, then still candidate Trump shocked the political landscape when declaring that he wanted a temporary ban on all non-U.S. Muslims entering the country. Though the courts have fought him hard on this, he has by now succeeded in banning the entry of several Muslim-majority countries and bringing down refugee admission numbers. Furthermore, he’s working on lowering the federal money for any city refusing to cooperate with the federal immigration authorities.

In the last week, it was declared that for the Salvadorians and all the other temporary protected status immigrants the time has now come to return to their home countries.

<b>Stock Market </b>

When Trump won on election night the first reaction of markets worldwide was to go into free fall. It lasted for about 1 hour. When President Trump gave his election speech, the fall stopped and companies realized they had nothing to worry about. Though Democrats had warned beforehand that the markets would suffer under a Trump White House Administration, the stock market is sitting at record levels.


This is by far the biggest victory yet. Though I will admit that the rich will benefit more than the middle class in the long term, it is clear that US companies will use the tax breaks to invest into American workers, resulting in bonuses and investment at home. Many foreign companies have since the new tax legislation announced opening new factories in the US.

<b>America First</b>

He’s pulled out of the climate agreement as he said he would as well as the Trans Atlantic partnership, ready to re-negotiate those deals with better terms for the USA.

ISIS’ army in Iraq and Syria has been defeated except for a few terrorist fighter cells left.

Trump stated beforehand that he would make NATO members pay their fair share and repeated those words when he visited them in Brussels. Though it was widely mocked in the European press over the spring of 2017, by the end of the year, 80% of NATO members have their defense spending to the level of what the treaty says it should be.

<b>Looking forward</b>

Healthcare, NAFTA, and the wall. Can’t wait to see what happens this year.

And let’s not forget midterm elections.


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