By: Savannah Smith | 01-15-2018 | News
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Louisiana Postal Worker Admits to Burning 20 Tubs of Mail

Postal workers are supposed to be one of the most trusted people in our communities as they deliver letters and stuff that could contain people’s deepest secrets, biggest plans or most painful heartaches, or things of great value to the recipients. One worker broke the rules and the trust of many.

A Lousiana postal worker pleaded guilty in federal court this week for destroying mail.

Mark Wayne Thompson, 50, pleaded guilty to one count of use of delay or destruction of mail by a postal employee.

Thompson is a former U.S. Postal Service employee who had a rural route in Elmer in Rapides Parish, and also a resident of Pitkin in Vernon Parish.

Thompson confessed that instead of delivering the mail in intact and secure condition, he took the pile home from December 1, 2016, to May 1, 2017. He later burned the mails. Based on his own estimate, nearly 20 tubs of mail had been burned from those five months worth of mail delivery.

It is not clear what prompted him to do such an act and such a disservice to residents. It is not clear if has problems with his office, bosses, co-workers, clients, or if he is battling mental issues.

Thompson faces up to five years in prison, three years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine.

Thompson’s sentencing is set for April 6 this year.


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Anonymous No. 16160 2018-01-15 : 15:58

Now I know where my missing letters ended up. Geeze!!!!!

Anonymous No. 16205 2018-01-16 : 04:44

This is what happens when u hire niggers in government jobs

Anonymous No. 16218 2018-01-16 : 09:15

Nut case!

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