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March 4 Trump Rallies Show Americans’ Seal Of Approval For Trump #MAGA

Even with the lack of publicity, the absence of wide-spread information-dissemination and general lack of time and preparations for mounting such an event, supporters and American believers of President Donald Trump still came out in droves and multitudes in marches in various key cities of the country on Saturday to show their support and declare their pride for their beloved President.

Waving U.S. flags and Trump signs, it was a beautiful show of nationalistic spirit and fervent solidarity among Trump supporters who turned out for the “March 4 Trump” events from D.C. down to Miami and Austin, Texas, to Olympia, Wash.

In the nation’s capital, thousands of bikers made their presence felt for Trump as they traveled and honked in an amazing coordinated and synchronized manner. Supporters also marched from the Washington Monument to Lafayette Park in front of the White House.

The Saturday “March 4 Trump” events are also aimed at showing unity among Trump believers amidst what demonstrators call a “seditious fringe” targeting to sabotage his vision for the country.

Other supporters aside from bearing U.S. flags also wore red, white and blue while enthusiastic participants even brought a life-sized cardboard cutout of the President. There were also speeches from organizers and supporters, as well as some Republican leaders who joined the events.

Many demonstrators share the view that they went out of their way to join the “March 4 Trump” to show their love for the country, and to express the sentiment being largely ignored by the biased mainstream media that many ordinary Americans love what Trump is trying to accomplish. They also said they strongly approve of Trump’s priority of making “America First” as a matter of policy.

The otherwise peaceful show of support for Trump was marred, however, by some disturbances as small groups of anti-Trump protesters stirred trouble and triggered clashes with Trump supporters. Six protesters, in fact, were arrested in St. Paul, Minnesota State Capital on felony riot charges after they lit fireworks in the area and fled.

Some mainstream media outlets also tried to undermine the pro-Trump rallies by erroneously reporting that only a “handful” showed up.

The “March 4 Trump” in spite of the limitations and constraints in mounting the events unlike more organized and well-funded protest rallies showed the narrative the mainstream media refuse to report on- the Americans’ support and approval of President Trump and his dreams and goal of making America great again.

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