By: Kyle James | 01-14-2018 | News
Photo credit: Osceola County Corrections

Immigrant Assassin Kill The Wrong Woman In Love Triangle Plot

When a love triangle went awry, assassins were called upon to murder a woman but instead, the wrong person was kidnapped and killed.

The victim's body was discovered Monday in Florida's Ormond Beach and was identified as 42-year-old Janice Marie Zengotita. Investigators found that Zengotita-Torres, who moved to Florida from Puerto Rico with her family over a year ago, was mistaken for the target of a murder-for-hire plot.

Osceola County Sheriff's Office says Ishnar Lopez-Ramos, 35, hired Alexis Ramos-Rivera, 22, and his girlfriend Glorianmarie Quinones-Montes, 22, to kill a woman who was in a relationship with the man she loved. Lopez-Ramos, Ramos-Rivera, and Quinones-Montes being the brilliant criminals they are, mistake the victim for the intended target.

"I get emotional because it touches me so deeply that one of our citizens was killed in such a manner over a mistaken identification and in the end, it appears to be a lover’s triangle," Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson said at a press conference Friday.

The suspects spotted the victim as she was leaving a store at a shopping center where she was employed late Sunday night. The three scumbags followed Zengotita-Torres to a parking lot near her home where they kidnapped her and forced her into their car. The kidnappers sped away and drove to a nearby bank where they withdrew money from the woman's account, probably because she was begging for her life in exchange for all of her money.

It wasn't until the kidnappers took Zengotita-Torres to an Orlando apartment did they realize they abducted the wrong person. Despite the realization, the criminals continued the brutal kidnapping and murder plot. They bound her with zip ties, beat her and suffocated her with garbage bags before dumping her body in Ormond Beach early Monday morning.

The authorities identified the kidnappers through surveillance recordings when they tried to use the victim's ATM card. After being questioned, Lopez-Ramos gave a full confession and implicated the two other suspects. The other two were also arrested and gave full confessions.

The three suspects were immigrants from Puerto Rico who just came to Florida a matter of weeks ago. All three of the kidnappers have been arrested and are facing charges of premeditated first-degree murder.

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