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Officer Accused Of DUI Hit And Run Found Passed Out With Daughter Inside Vehicle

Authorities in Dover, Denver say an off-duty police officer was driving intoxicated and hit another vehicle before fleeing the scene of the accident. After leaving the scene, he continued driving and then passed out behind the wheel of the car with his young daughter in the backseat.

Police say the accident occurred Thursday in the parking lot of McGlynn's in 800 North DuPont Highway and the driver who struck the other vehicle drove away from the scene. Witnesses were able to get the vehicle's registration number that identified the car's owner as 26-year-old Keith Boris. Boris as a one-year officer with the Dover Police Department.

Several hours after the accident, Boris was found by another driver passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle at a traffic light at the intersection of Transportation Circle and South Bay Road. Dover police say the vehicle began slowly moving forward into the intersection but the other driver was able to pull Boris out of the car and safely part it while until police arrived.

Dover police say Boris had picked up his daughter from daycare after the accident at McGlynn's and she was inside the vehicle when he passed out behind the wheel. This seems like a major failure on the part of the daycare for releasing a child into the custody of a drunk father who was driving a damaged vehicle while intoxicated.

Thankfully, the child was unharmed and she was turned over to the mother. Boris was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence, Endangering the Welfare of a Child and Inattentive Driving. He has been placed on administrative leave without pay while they conduct an investigation.

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lynn No. 16061 2018-01-14 : 06:00

and then they want to preach 2 us on right and wrong.. when they are doing it them selfs .. wow Im sorry he sould be fired and the Child should be taken away if the Mother Stays with the Husband.. he shouldnt beable 2 see the child in fear he could do it again but this time he might kill the child or someone else

Anonymous No. 16079 2018-01-14 : 12:40

Put In The Larger Prespective….

1st he was NOT on duty, or in a Police car.

IF arrested for ON-DUTY activities, he would have been 1 of the 451 out of the approximate 750,000 + State and Local LEO'S on duty every day in the USA.

Some Additional data :


There are 1, 100 LEO arrests each year. But only 41% (451) of all LEO's arrests were for ON-DUTY realted issues.

Of that 451, only 325 were convicted.

That is 0.043333333333333335 of 1% of the 750,000+ On duty LEO's each day over a whole year.

But 59% of all LEO arrests are for PRIVATE LIFE OFF DUTY issues.

The most common charge for ON-DUTY Related arrest:

Assaults ranging from simple (threats) to physical during the arrest process.

BTW: Even the WAPO had to collect 6 years of data (2005-2011) and clump it together for a Negative Police Article to support BLM.

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