By: Earnest Jones | 03-04-2017 | News
Photo credit: Pres. Donald Trump | Twitter

Barack Obama Wire Tapped Trump Tower ,Trump Blasts Him “Terrible! This Is McCarthyism”

President Donald Trump blasted his treasonous predecessor, Barack Obama, adding that he had Trump Tower’s wires tapped. Mr. Trump unveiled the shocking news on Twitter where he said that it’s terrible to have found out that Obama had his wires tapped in Trump Tower just before he secured the victory, adding that it was his McCarthyism.

President Trump seems to have found some evidence before he unveiled the severe claim, although he did not immediately provide the evidence. Obama proved that he’s capable of going right to the edge to undermine President Trump’s presidency and it’s no surprise that he wire tapped Trump Tower.

Mr. Trump also said that it is illegal for a sitting President to be wire-tapping a race for president prior to an election, adding that it was a new low.

President Trump also wrote that he’d bet that a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping his phones back in October, just prior to the election.

Joe McCarthy was merely making accusations, then when he tried to back them up, he got stonewalled by the agencies he was trying to investigate. The various agencies have a track record of cover-ups and hiding files, particularly the State Department.

Obama’s actions in trying to tap the phone lines into Trump Tower are in an entirely different magnitude, talk about spycraft being turned on domestic targets. The phone calls going in and out of Trump Tower before Donald Trump became President-elect were definitely not secure beyond the commercially available means of encryption, and probably they were vulnerable to the sophisticated phone message tracking procedures that were available to Obama.

The Federal law covers the cynicism of phones being tapped for political gain, and there has been no evidence that a wiretap authorization was obtained during the period before Trump’s victory. However, it’s without a doubt that Obama needs to be thoroughly investigated since he’s proved he can go to such extents.


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