By: Earnest Jones | 03-03-2017 | News
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Investigation Likely of Chuck Schumer Senate Minority Leader

President Trump blasted the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. via Twitter, taunting the Senator with a photograph that shows his Russian connections. The photograph shows Chuck Schumer enjoying a doughnut with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This comes amidst the witch hunt that Democrats with the help of the media, have unleashed on Trump’s administration.

The tweet made by President Trump called for an immediate investigation into Senator Schumer and his ties to Russia and Putin, Trump also emphasized that Schumer is a total hypocrite, which is true.

The phony Senator responded by claiming that his contact with Mr. Putin and his associates took place in 2003 in full view of press and public under oath. Schumer has called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign, in what appears to be witch hunting at its best, by alleging that Sessions failed to mention during his confirmation hearing the meetings he had with Russian ambassador to the U.S.

President Trump defended Sessions in a series of tweets saying that he is an honest man and called the Democrats attacks on Sessions as total witch hunt. The attacks on Sessions and the Democrats obsessions with Russian are nothing more than politics.

Andrew Mark Miller made a statement on Young Conservatives in which he said that it’s strange that liberals are all of a sudden playing the Russian card as a way of making excuses for Hillary’s embarrassing defeat. Miller also said that Sessions was needlessly being attacked.

Miller also blasted Chuck Schumer for his audacity to come out and call for Jeff Sessions resignation even though it’s obvious he did nothing wrong, adding that there’s some hypocrisy at play - as he cited the 2003 image of Schumer and Putin.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas also slammed the Russian controversy as a nothing burger, adding that what we’re hearing from the Democrats is a lot of political theater, he also said that the notion that there was something wrong with a senior senator on the Armed Services Committee meeting with foreign ambassador is a nothing burger since it’s part of the Job.


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