By: Kyle James | 01-13-2018 | News
Photo credit: Credit: Ceres Police Department

North California Man Shoots Mom To Death Over Video Game

A man in Northern California has been arrested for homicide after allegedly killing shooting his mom in the head during a dispute over a video game headset.

Ceres Police say they responded to a home on River Valley Circle in Ceres around 9:50 p.m. Thursday. Upon arriving, police found a woman shot in the head.

Mathew Nicholson, 28, was arrested for homicide after his 68-year-old mother died from her injuries at the hospital. The victim has been identified as Lydia Susanne Nicholson.

A subsequent investigation revealed Mathew Nicholson was in his bedroom playing video games when he became upset and flew into a rage. Nicholson's mother came to see what was wrong and an argument ensued.

Police say it was during that argument that Nicholson broke his video game headset and blamed the accident on his mother. Next, Nicholson threatened to kill both his mother and father.

That is when Nicholson retrieved a handgun and used it to shoot two rounds into the wall before shooting his own mother in the head. Nicholson's father then wrestled the gun away from him and he fled to a relative's house in Riverbank.

He was located and stopped while driving, police took him into custody without incident and he was booked into Stanislaus County Jail for homicide with no bail.

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margreet No. 15969 2018-01-13 : 05:35


Anonymous No. 16078 2018-01-14 : 12:00

Autism at its finest.

leprofessionalshitposter No. 16150 2018-01-15 : 13:17

>Be parent, it's 1980 something and you're with child

>Happiest you can be, you've already told your mom and dad the good news. They'll be grandparents.

>You were raised somewhat lax in the postwar era, had some good times and simply want your child to have as many good times as possible.

>Child is born, rather smart for a young age. You start talking with your spouse on how you can't afford those super-expensive gifted classes but you'll make due.

>See your child get bullied for one reason or another. Instead of telling child to stand up or fight back you coddle your child and tell them that they're in the right no matter what to make them feel better.

>To help their mood you get them a video game console and just leave them to it. You don't want to touch the silly thing as it doesn't make any sense so you just let him play and play.

>Child's grades begin to slip, but you know he's such a smart boy! It doesn't make a lick of sense so you 'help out' by doing little bits of his homework for him. Surely, he'll get his act together on his own, he's a smart lad.

>Your teenager hits his rebellious phase in a strange way. Instead of doing anything productive he just does what he feels familiar with. You ask if there's any friend groups he wants to hang with only to get spat nasty words and backtalked. But we were all teenagers once in our life! Surely, it will get better once he gets off to college. High school sucks, after all, and it isn't his fault that the other kids don't 'get him'.

>College rolls by, you aren't there. He tells you good stories about his education and relationship with professors. Supposedly he even found a friend group. Looks like the waiting paid off!

>False alarm, it was all an elaborate hoax to get you to shut up and leave him alone. He was skipping out on classes and simply focusing on his first ever social group: a nest of rejects that smoke god knows what and do random things all day.

>How could our smart boy flunk out of college? Surely it must be something of the schools or maybe it was because we were so distant! We must get closer, keep him near, someday he'll snap out of this phase and blossom!

>He's 28 now, still in the house with no job nor prospects. But he applies everywhere! He told us. Surely, it must be the poor job market and not the fact that he's flunked out of college with no recourse and has no job history. He's a smart boy after all!

>He throws fits of rage every now and then like a toddler in the wee hours of the morning. You still have to work, same for your spouse. He's generally up til 4am on the computer or Playsomething whatever.

>Finally believe it's time to put your foot down and give your child some tough love.

>He erupts at you like some lunatic. He spits horrible words at you. He insults you, your spouse, and the community where you grew up in.

>He tries to shove you away again by putting on his headset and muffling the real world again.

>You simply want to show that you are there, that you are a supportive parent, that he is your son and the most important thing in the world to you.

>He struggles but you fight back, pulling harder on the headset.

<A wire snaps and so does he.

>You're pushed around by this large man until finally you see he has his own firearm.

>He aims at you in manic rage, you don't know this man in your house anymore.


>Dust to your side as his sideways glasses cause him to miss you.

>Tears stream down your face as you call for your spou-


Someone once told me, "A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others."

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