By: Earnest Jones | 03-04-2017 | News
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Obama Needs To Be Investigated For Treason , Caught Stealing Billions Of TaxPayers Money

The existence of a shadow government is no longer a secret, several intelligence insiders have come forth to reveal that Obama holdovers are behind the leaking of information that is purely meant to derail Trump’s administration. The first great success for the Obama led shadow government is the resignation of Michael Flynn and it’s without a doubt that the same Obama led shadow government is witch hunting the Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Obama needs to be investigated for treason, he has been actively involved in the various events that have occurred trying to disrupt Trump’s administration. He established a command center in Washington where he continues his involvement with activist organizations. This explains why Obama stole billions of dollars of taxpayers money and funneled it to a shadowy Department of Justice slush fund and then distributed it to a number of left wing activist groups.

A former CIA-trained defense intelligence officer, Retired Lt. Colonel Tony Schaffer revealed that the Obama’s administration was involved before it left office as he specifically said that it was clear that sensitive information that could compromise the U.S. intelligence gathering methods was divulged to the media as part of the campaign that was meant to bring down Flynn, by individuals who had access to beyond Top Secret material.

Multiple sources were quoted by the Washington Free Beacon for the months long campaign by Obama’s administration confidante to handicap President Donald Trump national security apparatus and preserve the Iran nuclear deal.

The American citizens don’t have the opportunity to vote on shadow governments or Deep state hierarchies and hence their credibility is not valid. Retired Lt. General William Jerry Boykin said that he was quite comfortable with the idea of an organized group of Obama holdovers who are working to undermine Trump’s administration.

Boykin said that it’s no surprise that the left-over officials are up to no good since they intend to preserve Obama’s legacy by making trouble. The witch hunt that they’ve unleashed on the Attorney General is just the beginning of their wicked efforts unless President Trump weeds them out.

Obama should be investigated for treason since he is still actively running the shadow government, not just the whisper campaigns in Washington, but even in the street theaters across the nation.

Obama is working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to also sabotage the incoming administration and the America First agenda. With the aid of a network of leftist nonprofits that are organizing for Action. The organizations are gearing up for action with more than 250 offices across the country.

After eight years of mass killing with drones and genocidal regime change wars, Obama has refused to retire from his treasonous role. He has now resolved to lead an insurrection against the democratically elected President who defeated Hillary Clinton. Its therefore important for Trump’s administration to investigate Obama for treason before he goes to the extreme.

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I bet Trumps got a rope with King Niggers name on it ready to go.

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