By: Kyle James | 01-12-2018 | News
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Man Who Shot "Patient Dumping" Video Is Outraged

A man in Baltimore is outraged after he filmed a hospital "dumping" a patient at a bus stop in nothing but a hospital gown. The video that shows hospital staff dropping of a woman on a cold city street has drawn an outcry, especially from the man who filmed it.

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The video shows four hospital security guards pushing a wheelchair away from a bus stop leaving a patient in a hospital gown is left alone in the cold. "So you all are just going to leave this lady out here with no clothes on?" Imamu Baraka asked.

Baraka was passing by and filmed the scene on his cell phone. "She's in the heart of downtown Baltimore with no clothing on, vulnerable, fully exposed, literally, I became enraged," Baraka explained.

The University of Maryland Medical Center issued an apology Thursday and said an investigation into the incident is underway.

"We feel comfortable in the statement that what you saw in that video is not a process that would occur with any frequency at all," Dr. Mohan Suntha, the president and CEO of the University of Maryland Medical Center said.

Catherine Lhamon, chair of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, responded to the video saying, "The legal requirement is that the hospital makes sure that a person is fully treated."

"What I see from that video is a person who was not stabilized, is a person who needed further care. Clearly, there was more than that hospital needed to do," Suntha explained.

The patient identity has not been disclosed but her mother called the video "horrifying" on Facebook. She also said her daughter is now with her family and receiving medical treatment from another hospital.

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