By: Savannah Smith | 03-03-2017 | News
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Conway Vindicated On The Photo Controversy; Puts To Shame Liberal Hypocrites

Kellyanne Conway is a competent, hard-working, accomplished, modern and gutsy woman. She is never afraid to take on challenges, no matter the odds. Her fierce fighting spirit and admirable attributes have brought her winning results-being the first woman to successfully ran a presidential campaign. No wonder then that for helping him win what others thought was a losing war, President Donald Trump showed his confidence on her and swiftly appointed Conway as White House counselor. One would think that for all her achievements and toughness, It would be easy for her to command the respect of many, including high profile men in power. Apparently not.And it's not because Conway -or any other woman for that matter - does not deserve to be treated with fairness and dignity but simply because the arrogance, hypocrisy and venom in the hearts and minds of Democrats and liberals prevent them from giving freely what they generously demand from all of us: respect.

Democrats, liberals and their supporters, who even after four months have not accepted their crushing defeat in the 2016 presidential election, had a field day mocking, criticizing and demeaning Conway for a viral photo of her kneeling on a couch at the Oval Office, while President Trump and his guests of esteemed leaders from historically black colleges and universities were having their photos taken. On the basis of just one photo, without further probing and the benefit of interviews that could shed light on the matter, the liberals full of hatred in their hearts thought they already have a complete story to feast on. They scored Conway for showing a lack of decorum, while others went further and assassinated her character on the basis of just the photo and called her ugly names and worse descriptions.

It is not surprising that liberal trolls would behave as such when even their supposedly respectable Democrat leaders who espouse political correctness joined the fray and heaped Conway with disgusting insults. One of them is Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La who made a tasteless and uncalled for joke on Conway's expense that was rich in sexual innuendos during the Washington Press Club event on Wednesday night. Richmond probably thought he was being witty and smart for the joke and insult on Conway and that he would get away with his sexist non-sense.

Well, Richmond thought wrong. He was exposed for being a total jerk, pathetic, insensitive misogynist. So much for being Democrat where supposedly political correctness is a sacred virtue. Richmond suffered a strong online backlash for his deplorable joke and appeared even more ridiculous and a loser along with all the liberals who rained Conway with insults with a narrative-changing revelation.

Another photo of Conway emerged, as well as more in-depth explanations and solid, enlightening defenses from witnesses of the event. The new photo and the explanation made perfect sense and completed the partial story being peddled by Trump haters. Conway was seated that way because she was asked to take a particular photo with a precise angle amidst the space limitations of the crowded room. And the true pro that she is, she did what was asked of her. The new photo captured her in action- photographing the guests with the President. Conway also clarified that she meant no disrespect and also did not mean to put her feet on the couch. But it was a spontaneous instruction and as consistent with her work ethics, Conway merely responded just as swiftly to deliver the desired results.

Conway felt that she was picked on harshly by Democrats simply because she is aligned with Trump. While she also disagree with the venom of the left and admitting that the controversy has bothered her children, she refused to play the victim card. She, however, cautioned everyone to take very seriously the import of their words.

Trump supporters not only defended Conway, though, but the more sensible Americans also scored mean-spirited liberals for their hypocrisy by referencing an old photo of former President Barack Obama with his feet up on the Resolute desk while having a meeting with his former VP Joe Biden and other staff. The Obama-adoring liberals though it was cool of Obama to do that but it becomes rude when an almost similar action is done by Conway as probably any Trump ally.

Consistent with his arrogant behavior, Richmond did not apologize for his insults on Conway but merely clarified his intention. Actually, it was only a poor excuse of an alibi from an exposed sexist loser. The Louisiana Republican Party, however, is demanding an apology from the unrepentant Richmond and condemned his deeply offensive remark regarding Conway. The party said he owes Conway a sincere and prompt apology because using inappropriate sexual innuendo to demean women is sexism at its worse. They also reminded Richmond that March is Women's History month.

We are only a little past Trump's first month in office yet the Democrats are revealing that they are far, far worse than what they wildly accused Trump of during the campaign.


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