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Hillary Clinton Campaigns Across Pennsylvania

>Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks to reporters following a Pennsylvania Democrats voter registration event at Zembo Shrine on October 4, 2016 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Pennsylvania.

WikiLeaks released hacked emails on Friday that reveal some daunting intentions of the Democratic nominee; Hillary Clinton. The hacked emails reveal that Clinton has always envisioned of a world economy where trade and borders are open. The emails also insinuated that bankers have the expertise and know-how on how the regulations in the industry should be done. Despite the intense scrutiny that Clinton has faced, she has not released the email containing the speech records; however, the email was hacked.

It was evident from the hacked email that there was alarming speech extracts that could cause problems in the political arena. The email had been hacked from John Podesta who is Clinton’s campaign chairman.

Following Clinton’s statement regarding open trade, Sanders questioned Hillary’s statement regarding the financial institutions that paid her for speaking; this took place after she relived herself from the role of secretary of state.

The speech extracts covered sensitives issues such as trade and regulation of the Wall Street. Surprisingly, this are the same issues that Clinton has been critical about. It’s therefore evident why the Republican nominee; Donald Trump and Sanders have attacked Clinton. This is due to her endorsing the global free trade; this has had an adverse effect to some communities.

Recently, it has been disclosed that the Democratic nominee was paid a total of $225,000 by Itau BBA USA Securities group; this explains why she would have the guts to publicly expound on her global free trade ambitions.

On Friday night, the Democratic nominee’s campaign declined to authenticate the emails that were hacked; instead, they criticized and victimized Julian Assange. WikiLeaks also unveiled emails from the Democratic National Committee; the same emails that U.S. intel blamed Russia for the hacking.

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