By: Earnest Jones | 01-11-2018 | News
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Bizarre! Pastor Accused of Sex Assault Is Applauded - Victim Cries

Reports of a heinous crime that had been committed against the then 17-year-old Jules Woodson was met by deaf ears as she says, leaders gave him a friendly "going away reception."

Woodson told members of her church that a youth minister forced her to perform oral sex, however, the leaders seemed to care less. Twenty years later, he'd also get a standing ovation, reports the Washington Post.

The Pastor was forced to address Woodson's account of the 1998 incident in Texas, repeated as part of the #MeToo campaign in recent months, Andy Savage appeared Sunday in front of worshippers at the evangelical Highpoint Church in Memphis, Tenn., where he's now a pastor. Staying vague, the 42-year-old referred to the incident in his early 20s as a sin for which he resigned and is "deeply sorry" and "sorry more was not done." He was treated to a 20-second standing ovation while Woodson, watching online, was left in tears.

"His apology isn't enough because … he's lying about how he handled it," Woodson tells WMC, responding to a prior statement in which Savage said he'd "sought forgiveness" from Woodson, her parents, and leaders at Woodlands Parkway Baptist Church near Houston.

Woodson says Savage didn't speak to her after he drove her to a secluded area, fondled her breasts, forced her to perform oral sex, then begged for forgiveness. Woodson adds church officials failed to contact police while Savage told her mother they'd only kissed, per the Times.

Christian publisher Bethany House has responded to the allegations by dropping an upcoming book by Savage.


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