By: Kyle James | 01-10-2018 | News
Photo credit: Credit: Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort

Harvey Weinstein Attacked At Arizona Restaurant

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was attacked Tuesday night while at a restaurant in Arizona.

TMZ reports Weinstein was at Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona eating dinner when two men sat down at a table next to him.

Weinstein has been the subject of multiple sexual assault claims, some of which are pending criminal investigation. He was reportedly in Arizona for a sex rehab program and was eating dinner with his sober coach when the incident happened.

One of the two men who sat down is named Steve and he says he walked up to Weinstein, told him he loved his movies and asked to take a photo with him.

Steve says Weinstein became belligerent and told him to buzz off although the manager of the restaurant disputes the claim that Weinstein became belligerent. The manager of the restaurant says Weinstein was actually "very sweet about it" and said, "I'd rather not take a picture right now."

The manager went on to say the two men shook hands and Steve went back to his table. Around 9 p.m., Weinstein and his sober coach got up to leave the restaurant at the same time as the two men at the table next to them.

Steve admitted to having "quite a bit to drink" and told his friend to start recording a video on his cell phone and film what was about to happen.

That is when Steve walked up to Weinstein and said, "You're such a piece of s*** for what you did to these women." Steve says he proceeded to punch Weinstein in the face at least two times causing Weinstein to stumble backward and almost fall.

The restaurant manager again disputes his version of events saying that neither punch connected and the guy was drunk and out of control.

The party filming the event asked Weinstein if he would like to call the police but Weinstein said no and they parted ways.

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