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Shopkeeper Refused To Sell Cigarettes To Teens So They Beat Him To Death

While Europe is facing a massive surge in refugees, vicious criminals are also seizing the opportunity to flood into countries like UK and Germany and terrorizing the population.

One Indian shopkeeper in London was beaten to death by a group of teens for refusing to sell them cigarette papers since they were underage. The attack happened Saturday night in the Mill Hill area in north London.

Authorities say, Vijay Patel, 49, was attacked by the teens when he refused to sell them cigarette paper and he was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Patel died of head injuries on Monday.

The family of the victim released a photo of Patel on his deathbed at the hospital where he was hooked up to life-support. His family also pleaded with the public for their help in hunting down the suspects responsible for the vicious attack.

Authorities arrested a 16-year-old boy in connection with the attack and he appeared in court today where he was charged with murdering the father of two.

Scotland Yard released a statement saying, "The Homicide and Major Crime Command continue to investigate an appeal for information about the events leading up to the incident which resulted in Patel's death. It is believed that three persons were involved in the incident."

Detective Inspector Ian Lott of the Metropolitan Police Homicide and Major Crime Command described the heinous attack as an "unprovoked spontaneous incident sparked entirely by refusal to let the suspects buy what they wanted."

Patel was struck by the teens in the chest and he fell backward, hitting his head as he went down. He was later found lying injured on the street outside his convenience store called Rota Express.

London Ambulance Service rushed Patel to St. Mary's Hospital in London. Patel moved to London, legally, from India in 2006 with his wife, Vibha who was visiting relatives when the attack took place.

The victim's brother Prakash said, "We are shocked and heartbroken. He was such a kind person. We are all very close because his children are out of the country studying." Friends of the shopkeeper described him as "honest" and "hard-working".

Metropolitan police say a shop worker asked a group of youths for identification to prove they were over 18 and when they could not provide it they became "aggressive, threatening to vandalize the shop."

Patel came to the aide of his employee and both were punched, the shop worker received minor injuries while Patel was left beaten on the floor outside of the shop.

Abdullah Rahimzai is the shop's owner and said, "Vijay was the best human being you could have seen in the world. He was my right arm. He fell unexpectedly with his head on the ground."

Met Police are seeking anyone with knowledge that could help lead to the apprehension of the remaining suspects.

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Anonymous No. 15791 2018-01-11 : 10:39

Under UK laws the teens will be out in a few years at most.

Maybe with the Britexit the UK will restore the Death Penalty… It will be needed given the few 100,000 refugee visitors and their culture.

Anonymous No. 15796 2018-01-11 : 11:32

Niggers or sand niggers

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