By: Savannah Smith | 01-10-2018 | News
Photo credit: Tooele County Sheriff's Office

Mom, Aunt & Uncle Arrested for the Meth-Laced Drink 3-Year-Old Child Drank

Authorities announced that three Utah family members were arrested Tuesday suspected to be responsible for the meth-laced soda drank by a 3-year-old girl that was stashed in a water bottle.

The child tested positive for meth on December 30. The incident was discovered when the grandmother rushed the girl to the hospital because she was “acting crazy and erratic.” The strange behavior happened after the girl took the said drink.

Charged for the incident where the child’s mother, Lucinda Black, 30, her uncle, Danie Black, 20, and her aunt, Ashley Black, 27. they were taken into police custody.

The Black siblings were taking care of the girl that night she had that dangerous drink. When questioned by the police, the three initially blamed each other for the shocking incident.

The uncle eventually admitted to the police that he recently used meth, but said the water bottle was his sister’s and that they “would always mix him drinks with meth in them.”

Grantsville Police Detective Lydon Allred wouldn’t have it as he told Fox local station: “They all tried to deceive me and blame it on each other.”

The child drank the meth-laced soda when her mother and aunt brought the drink to the grandmother’s house. Danie Black, the uncle, later took the bottle and drank the drug-filled liquid in the bathroom, a sign that he knew that something was up and he had to drink it secretly.

From the accounts, all three adults are complicit in the reckless act that endangered a 3-year-old child, only the aunt seemed to have played the least part in the irresponsible incident.

Danie Black was charged with child abuse and felony child endangerment. Lucinda Black also faces felony child endangerment and abuse charges. It is unclear if Ashley Black was charged in the incident.


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