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Watch and Learn America: Israel Paying Citizens $8,700 to Deport it's Asylum Seekers

America is currently undergoing one of the greatest battles of its long and illustrious history with illegal immigration, but the small nation of Israel can teach America exactly how it's done if Congress is willing to mirror their policies on deportations and a border wall.

In fact, Israel has a proven model of success with its border wall, that has essentially cut suicide bombings and terrorist activities down to being nonexistent since it's erection.

Now it seems as if the Jewish state or Israel has another policy in place, one that is certain to gain support from the right wing of America; in financially paying cash to Israeli citizens to forcibly remove so-called <i>asylum seekers</i> from their country.

Besides noticing that such a tactic is overwhelmingly successful and potentially adventurous as well as patriotic; Israel is offering $8,7000 in sign-on bonuses for those willing to remove, using force, the threat of invasion for the country.

I know what you're thinking, which is “Where do I sign up?”

Currently, America is spending cash to bring in dangerous migrants, instead of <i>keeping them the hell out</i>, which shows you just how corrupt and ignorant America's leadership actually is.

Israel's Population and Immigration Authority says that 30,000 shekels ($8700) will be granted to each of the 100 hired hands, who will serve as <i>”inspectors”</i>, in order to further keep its ethnostate free from third world crime and lower IQ savages.

It's really a winning recipe for success, and Israel also has a big and beautiful border wall to protect their boundaries if the violent migrants attempt invasion by force.

Each of the newly hired inspectors will likely be ordered to work in the perimeter of Tel Aviv, although more hiring could be made now that Israel has its capital of Jerusalem recognized by the United States of America, thanks to President Trump; and a thorough shakedown of the years of criminal and violent activity in the city is undoubtedly needed.

The new announcement on hiring these inspectors states that their job description is to first be responsible for holding hearings for the asylum seekers, as well as interviewing and documenting the ones who are willing to leave voluntarily without putting up a fight.

After which the inspector would be responsible for micromanagement of issuing travel paperwork, followed by coordinating their flights back to wherever the hell they came from.

As if that's not exciting enough, the inspectors would go as far as to fly back to that nation of origin with the asylum seekers; to ensure that they follow through with the process of staying the hell out of Israel.

I realize this sounds too good to be true, but<a href=""> Haaretz </a>reports that this isn't just an active plan, but that hiring will likely continue as needed.

There would be another group of newly hired inspectors, who will essentially act as if they're police officers; not only ensuring that the asylum seekers follow laws, but that any employer who hires them also face penalties for doing so since it's in violation of the law.

Those law enforcement inspectors would also have to track them down, take notes on their backstory, and also investigate the employers on behalf of the government for future charges.

The requirements for the job are simply too, with only a high school education needed, although having experience in combat or security is a potential for a pay increase.

If hired, each inspector would receive personal contracts for specific migrants; almost as if you're a bounty hunter of sorts.

I love this plan, and it would be hugely beneficial if the United States Congress would take a look at these policies and attempt to make it happen in America.

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