By: Savannah Smith | 03-02-2017 | News
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CNN Doesn't Need Trump To Show They Are Fake News; They're Proving It Themselves

The best proof that President Trump's previous criticisms of CNN are true is ironically, and even comically, being provided by CNN, no less. Without prodding from the President, the White House staff, or Trump solid supporters, CNN is further revealing its hypocrisy and exposing itself as the big sham that it is.

CNN long presented and prided itself to be supposedly ideologically-aligned with liberals and Democrats, compatible with the self-proclaimed political correctness of such personalities as the Obamas and the Clintons. As such, one would expect the CNN to walk the talk so to speak, and truly live up to gender and race equality as its leadership and staff supposedly espouse. After all, many of their harsh criticisms of President Trump are anchored on their allegations that the Republican leader is sexist and racist. A recent magazine cover featuring CNN people is very telling, however, proving contrary to the political virtues they supposedly champion and exposing the hypocrisy behind their taking the moral high ground against Trump.

The Hollywood Reporter featured in its latest cover CNN people led by its president Jeff Zucker along with celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, host Jake Tapper, host W. Kamau Bell, and Youtube sensation and recent CNN hire Casey Neistat. It used the title "CNN's New War", in reference of course to its battle with President Trump, which Zucker previously boasted that his employees wear as " a badge of honor". A staff Josiah Daniel Ryan tweeted a copy of the cover photo and said "The Future of Media Looks Like This". It was met by strong public backlash online, with Americans aghast at CNN for envisioning a future of media and taking on a war with Trump with an all-male and predominantly White team, leaving out women in the picture and sidelining black people as well. Even CNN's own female staff and that of its friend from another "fake news" source according to Trump- The New York Times- wailed that the future of media (should) also has some ladies in it and that the women can also join the supposed new war, too.

In another development that is equally revealing, instead of conducting real in-depth news or probing real, substantial investigations on important concerns and burning issues for the country and the American people and disprove that it is fake news, CNN undertakes such a trivial "test" and feature of a clock counting how long further the President can supposedly hold out and restrain himself from making another "Twitter attack". CNN "observed" that Trump's more measured tone during his first Address to the Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday was actually 'old news' as based on their oh so "intelligent" and " sharp" tracking, the President has supposedly taken on a mellower approach and has stopped Twitter attacks and rants since Sunday afternoon last week.

Wow, is that clock counting feature CNN's idea of real journalism, of relevant news, of in-depth reporting? How shallow, trivial, unimaginative and empty! It's just plain gimmickry that proves nothing and worse, enlightens no one.

The hypocrisy with the magazine cover and the hype on its supposed "honor-based war" with Trump and his administration and the inane clock-counting feature further unmask the real CNN, and proves that President Trump need not say anything more against CNN, because the best proof that it is fake news is being delivered by CNN on CNN themselves.

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Anonymous No. 1575 2017-03-02 : 15:44

what do you expect from the bogus CNN?

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