By: Victoria Fantoche | 03-02-2017 | News
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Missouri, USA Two Students Arrested For Anti-Semitic Remarks

Two students were "arrested" by the Mizzou (Missouri University) Police Department on February 28 for, in the words of Interim Chancellor Hank Foley, “harassing with anti-Semitic messages".

Foley implied that he turned over the investigation to the Boone County Prosecutor's Office, but of course no charges were filed so it is hilarious to think that he actually wasted some officer's time with this idiotic complaint that could be described as in a more level headed manner as the students exercising their first amendment rights.

In fact, calling what is on the Mizzou campus a police department is the height of stupidity in this journalist's opinion. It is a private security firm, hired by the college with the money it gets from tuition, and, one would assume, the money it leeches from taxpayers via the FAFSA and other State policies that favor leftist colleges. But it is still not a police department.

Is what the students did wrong? Maybe, not enough information is given. It's very important to note that Jews are hyper sensitive about anti-Semitism to the extreme, just watch the award winning documentary "Defamation", or think about all the times you've seen it written in the news that Jews painted swastikas on their own doors or property to get sympathy from leftist media. Without knowing more details we cannot condemn these students, but what we do know is that Mizzou is a historically anti-intellectual, anti-free speech to the extreme campus where any mention of race and IQ could send and has sent the entire college into a tizzy fit.

Hate speech is free speech, no matter how much Mizzou and its virtue signalling Chancellor might like to claim otherwise. While the students won't be going to jail and I'm sure the Boone County Prosecutor threw the complaint into the trash, these students' lives could still be ruined: they could face disciplinary action, according to the Chancellor, up to and including expulsion.

Knowing Mizzou, they will be expelled anything less would lead to another leftist wankfest like the last Mizzou protest. Mizzou, having bowed to SJW pressure once, is now permanently SJW-whipped: if they try to back down the SJW's will do the same things as before because they know it will work.

Hopefully the two students will learn something from this: free speech is all that matters.

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Flanders No. 1568 2017-03-02 : 09:03

A very misleading title which could cause those viewing the title to be chilled in their speech. Otherwise, it's a good article.

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