By: Savannah Smith | 01-10-2018 | News
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Masked Man Tied Up Homeowner While He Robs Her Home in Atlanta

A woman says she has always felt safe as a resident in a Buckhead neighborhood in Atlanta but all that changed when a masked man tied her up and robbed her inside her own home.

The victim who requested not to be identified told the local media that she even thought the suspect would shoot her before leaving. That’s also because he almost tried to shoot her during her more than an hour-long ordeal at her home in Peachtree Heights neighborhood off Peachtree Road. She said: ”He grabbed me around my neck and held a gun to my temple and said, “C’mon.”

The masked man was already waiting for her when she came home at around 8 p.m. She said: “I turned around and there the guy was and he was yelling at me to come, go with him to the basement and open the safe.”

She could not defy the robber because he was pointing a gun at her. He then put a hood over her head and laid her head on a pillow. At that point, she thought he was going to kill her.

The robber stayed in her house for an hour and fifteen minutes. She said he might have stayed longer than necessary because he was still waiting for his driver to arrive, whom he was constantly calling from her home.

The homeowner managed to escape by kicking the basement door open and running to a neighbor’s house for help.

One of the items taken from the victim was a $40,000 Cartier watch. The victim hopes to recover that.

The woman wants the Atlanta police to find the intruder and robber, but at the same time she feels unsafe already and wants to transfer residence. She said: “I want to leave Atlanta. I don’t want to live down here anymore.”

Atlanta police said they have added patrols in the neighborhood and that the robbery case is a priority for them.


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Anonymous No. 15673 2018-01-10 : 08:49

Inside job.

Anonymous No. 15681 2018-01-10 : 11:00

Buckhead use to mean Rich Lilly Whites of Atlanta.

However, over the last 9 or 10 years it has started to be frequently trolled by Thugs looking for quick rich pickings.

Note: not to be confused with Buckhead Ga, 45+/- miles south of Atlanta, just off I-20 and still a pretty good area to live.

Exador No. 15709 2018-01-10 : 16:16

I used to party in Buckhead in the 90s, then as it gradually grew 'darker', crime increased until you couldn't take the chance to just relax and get drunk.

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