By: Savannah Smith | 03-02-2017 | News
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Ivanka Trump, Strong Leader and Dignified, May Be Country's First Lady President

The secret weapon of President Donald Trump during the presidential campaign is slowly but surely emerging out in the open, and the President's great asset is not a secret anymore. Ivanka Trump, the older daughter of the President, is now being more prominently recognized for having a positive influence on the President and his policies.

And with her many admirable attributes and winsome personality, it also won't be a surprise if the first daughter will someday soon also carve her own niche in American politics, if not aim for the presidency herself one fine day. Forget Chelsea Clinton, she just does not have the winning vibe like her defeated mother. If there's one presidential offspring likely to follow the presidential footsteps of the parent, it would be the beautiful, articulate, accomplished, hard-working, empowered family-loving career woman, and pleasant Ivanka Trump.

Forget the dashed hopes of Hillary Clinton as well to become the first female president of the United States. She just was not competent and trustworthy enough to achieve the history-making dream. Strong, dignified and classy Ivanka may yet be the destined and deserving woman to finally author and fulfill such lofty dream. The idea for a female American President will come, and it might just happen on Ivanka's time.

Many political watchers and observers, including some of his usual bashers and haters, have noted and approved of President Trump's less combative and hostile tone and more presidential demeanor during his first Address to the Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday night. White House insiders told Reuters that it took about ten days to prepare Trump's well-received speech from brainstorming ideas to drafting the actual speech. Of course, the key members of Trump's team were all there and contributed to the output. The insiders also acknowledged the big role played by daughter Ivanka in advocating for and influencing her father to take on a "more measured and less combative tone", still according to the sources who spoke with Reuters.

The various sources were in unison in sharing that Ivanka definitely played a role in the preparations of her father's address and helped set the tone. She reportedly encouraged him to embrace a more optimistic tone. Ivanka was also said to have persuaded her father to speak favorably about her signature advocacy on child care and paid family leave, policies she has been consistently pushing for since the campaign and drawing support from Congress, including among Democrats.

It was also sincere and emphatic Ivanka who accompanied the President to Dover Airbase in Delaware on February 1 to quietly welcome home the remains of U.S. Navy Seal William "Ryan" Owens, who was killed in a raid on al Qaeda in Yemen. The most dramatic moment during the President's speech on Tuesday also came when Trump led the crowd in applauding Owens' service, and with his widow, Carryn Owens weeping openly in the audience. Standing next to Owens, looking so beautiful but appropriately solemn and supportive, was Ivanka.

Ivanka is fast becoming her father's most influential informal adviser. Even Presidential historian Thomas Alan Schwartz of Vanderbilt University acknowledges that Ivanka is the first presidential daughter to emerge in recent history as having a big influence on the President.

Ivanka is young at 35, and being one of the brightest spots in the Trump administration, her political future looks just as rosy and promising, should she decide to follow her father's footsteps- something the American people can look forward to with hope and enthusiasm.


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Anonymous No. 1564 2017-03-02 : 07:04

Fire up the meme machine.

Ivanka 2024

Greatness Protected

Anonymous No. 1565 2017-03-02 : 07:22

If she is already qualified to run for Pres by then at just 42, then by all means she should give 2024 a shot! That would be back-to-back-to-back Trump presidencies. America would be truly great again! Go Ivanka!

Anonymous No. 1585 2017-03-03 : 05:59

True, Ivanka is a promising leader. Cant wait to see her shine? And comparing her with chelsea clinton? oh god, from looks to brains, no comparison, Ivanka wins hands down.

Anonymous No. 1590 2017-03-03 : 07:50

beautiful ivanka!

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