By: Kyle James | 01-09-2018 | News
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Mafia Raid In Italy And Germany Nets 200 Arrests

Police in Germany and Italy converged on mafia members in a large-scale raid that spanned both countries and netted law enforcement 200 arrests.

The mafia members were arrested on corruption and other charges while authorities also seized 50 million euros from the organized crime bosses.

The coordinated action took place Tuesday and targeted a large clan of 'Ndrangheta' active in the southern Calabria region. Police say among those arrested were members of the Farao and Marincola families.

The families are accused of having infiltrated businesses in Italy and Germany with their criminal activities. The industries that were impacted the most by the criminal gangs are companies from the wine and food industry, waste management and funeral companies.

The international investigation also uncovered corruption among political officials according to a statement from the Italian Para-Military Carabinieri although they didn't specify whether the corrupt officials belong to Italy, Germany or both.

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