By: Steve Dellar | 01-08-2018 | News
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Guns Sold By Police End Up With Drug Dealers

After investigative reporting, it was found that a lot of the firearms sold by US police forces in Washington State to the public end up back in the hands of criminal gangs and drug dealers.

Hereunder are several stories about guns that US police forces admit ended up back in the hands of criminals.

A Lorcin L380 semi-automatic pistol that was apprehended from an illegal firearms dealer in 2010 by the Washington State police, found itself back on the street afterward. In 2015, it was used by a gang member to shoot a couple and their 1-year-old daughter. The little girl subsequently died of the shot wound.

A Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun that was auctioned off by the Pierce County Sherrif’s office in April 2014, was used in October of 2016 by Mr. Jaylen Bolar threatening to kill his own mother and his aunt.

A Lorcin Model L380 pistol, sold by the Aberdeen Police Department in February 2011 was found in a stolen car under the seat. All three juveniles in the car were convicted felons.

A JC Higgins .22-caliber rifle was sold by the Aberdeen Police Department in February 2011. Later on, in April 2015, the Yakima Police Department searched a drug house and made several arrests. They also found a gun in the house, the one sold by the Aberdeen Police Department.

A Davis Industries .380-caliber handgun was sold to the public by the Bonney Lake Police Department in March 2011. In February 2012, the Police Department of Kent arrested a man who tried to sell cocaine from his car. Also in the vehicle was a concealed handgun, the one sold by the Bonney Lake police.


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