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God, Guns, & Goons - Bush/Clinton Leak Trump's Hot Mic for Globalist Agenda

I am getting sick and tired of the obvious spin in the news. It’s crazy. CNN has nothing but the Trump video playing on repeat for the past 24 hours. I am sorry to say it, but CNN is not actually news anymore. It has turned into a 24-hour a day democratic smear machine.

Donald Trump talks about girls in private. Okay, well so do I, and so do almost all guys when they are in a guy only situation. I have overheard my wife and her friends. They seem to talk about men in similar ways when it is just the girls around.

I’d like to quote Jesus on this subject. The majority of American’s are Christian, and should be able to identify with this.

Jesus said. "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a 

stone at her." 

Christians, and the American people are very forgiving, and that is what Jesus is talking about.

Of course this week Donald Trump did bring up an adulterous relationship that Hillary Clinton had. I won’t go into that further. That family has had their share of adultery, and it has already been well publicized.

The upcoming presidential election is not going to be Democrat versus Republican. It’s going to be Globalism versus Nationalism. With the Clinton’s and the Bush’s pushing the Globalist agenda. Clinton and the Globalists want to take American guns away. Armed American Citizens are the only obstacle standing in the way of the Mexican hordes stampeding over the Rio Grande, like The New York Times is encouraging.

Meanwhile Trump is putting America first, and making America great again.

With the media supporting, and contributing to the campaign of Hillary Clinton, and not giving any semblance of equal time to the Trump campaign.

Bush released the latest Trump video. The now infamous “Open Mic” clip that trump talks about famous people being able to grab the pussy of any girl. That really makes it a bigger conspiracy. It goes above Republican or Democrat. It actually rips at the two party system. It means the potential public acceptance of a 1 party rule. Just like China.

There are rumors that the GOP has told all senators to drop their support for trump after this recent “Open Mic” event. The bigger story is that the Republican Party, the G O P has set this up to run a coup against Trump.

If the American public is so gullible to not see through this, I will be amazed.

The second debate is coming up Sunday night in St. Louis. It’s just political theatre. Actually it’s always political theatre, but this event is turning into the best show ever.

Sunday’s debate is going to be a town hall style debate. With members of the audience asking questions. I’m not sure who’s been invited, but it’s doubtful anyone from 8chan, or any of the other “chans” will be there to ask questions. Hopefully it’s a good, fair representation of the American people.

Honestly, me personally, I’d like to see the candidates ignore the questions and go straight for each other’s jugular, like the pedigree pit bulls that the really are. I want to hear the triple X dirt that Clinton has on Trump. I want to hear Trump tell us what he has on Clinton. Without worrying about offending her sweet innocent daughter that might be in the audience. Chelsea Clinton sweet and innocent? She runs a news site called “The Daily Beast” There’s nothing sweet or innocent about that. It’s the website that makes Pravda seem fair and unbiased.

>Will Trump be able to discuss the real questions we all have on our minds?

>Will he bring up Bill Clinton’s rape and fidelity problems?

since Bill will be the next first lady if Hillary wins the election.

>Will he illuminate the rest of us on Hillary Clinton’s own adulterous past?

We need to know the answers to these questions. I hope someone in the audience has the opportunity to bring them up. As I’m sure most American’s want to know and be certain that the next scandal coming down the road won’t just be another repeat of the Gennifer Flowers incident, or the Cuban cigar in Monica Lewinsky’s pussy. Or the cum stained dress scandal. Please give us a new scandal. I am sick of Clinton sex scandals.

So other than off color remarks made by Donald Trump ten years ago, that actually aren’t any different than other guys talk about. Let’s hear the real dirt on Trump. I’m seriously doubting that there’s anything that big to be brought up, if the best they can do is 24 hours a day pussy grabbing.

The Bush, Clinton, GOP democratic coalition, or alliance has brought us great history and adventure the past 15 years. Iraq 1, Iraq 2, Afghanistan, ISIS, Syria,

North Korea nuclear weapons. All brought to you by the CLINTON BUSH ALLIANCE.

I’d like to hear someone from the audience ask questions about this coalition. Since it’s obvious to anyone that isn’t a complete moron, that the presidential race has become the Washington insiders from both parties, allied against Donald Trump and the American people.

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