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In 2018: Rep Alford Says Blacks Can't Handle Marijuana Due To "Character Make-Up And Genetics"

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Thanks to technology, when political leaders act in biased and corrupt ways it can be instantly exposed in part due to video recording and sharing platforms like YouTube and websites such as

That is exactly what we have here, a state leader in a position of authority expressing blatantly racist views towards blacks and spouting anti-marijuana propaganda. Well, thanks to a YouTube video, people can see representative Alford's racist views for themselves.

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Besides telling his constituents that marijuana should be illegal because blacks can't handle being high because of their "character make-up and genetics", Alford also cites health reasons such as second-hand smoke being a nuisance for non-marijuana smokers. Funny how people smoking marijuana in public are a greater concern to Alford than those expelling toxic fumes from cancer sticks that are far more rampant than weed.

Why is it that Alford is so eager to speak against marijuana and decry it's supposed danger to the public when products such as cigarettes and alcohol, legal products that are known to kill thousands each year, aren't mentioned at all? Alford shows no concern for enacting prohibition for substances that undisputedly kill people each year, yet marijuana, which isn't killing anyone, is a major 'concern'?

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Well, the answer may go beyond a deeply rooted bias that is unfounded. In fact, a quick search on '', a website for tracking political contributions, reveals representative Alford accepted money from alcohol companies and medical institutions. Both industries are known for lobbying against legalization of marijuana since they see it as a direct competitor to their products.

Fewer people will be on pharmaceuticals if marijuana is legal and a natural option for pain, seizures, anxiety and more. So, in a few minutes, Alford has been exposed as a racist and as a person with conflicting political interests through this short clip which is being widely circulated online. It's time to stop accepting this junk from our politicians.

The people need to demand accountability and for politicians to do the will of the people and if they don't, get them out of there and replace them with someone who will. If you want to see all of the companies that contributed to representative Alford you can see the search results <a href="">here</a>.

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Anonymous No. 15587 2018-01-09 : 06:10

make it illegal for niggers

Anonymous No. 15588 2018-01-09 : 07:58

He's not wrong.

Anonymous No. 15599 2018-01-09 : 09:29

"Keep marijuana illegal" .. 2 hours later.. goes home gets high off a jack and coke

Anonymous No. 15687 2018-01-10 : 12:10



There have been several respected and widely used medical research studies that prove there is a Genetic Predisposition & Heritability of Addictions to alcohol, and addictive stances.


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