By: Victoria Fantoche | 03-02-2017 | News
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Brianna Wu Isn't Happy About SpaceX's Plan, He Doesn't Know How Gravity Works

I have no words for the stupidity for some democrats.Brianna Wu, a Massachusetts congressional candidate for the so-called "party of science", obviously has no idea how science work.

After SpaceX revealed plans to fly two space travelers around the moon next year, the congressional candidate started throwing a tantrum on Twitter, saying it is a bad idea to let private citizens in space. Her reason for this? THEY MIGHT START A STAR WAR FROM THE MOON!

Wu claims that there is no way we know the intention of these space travelers and we Earthers can do nothing if they decide to throw rocks at us from the moon. And it's not even the end of it. Ms. Wu has Claimed that those space travelers might build weapons on the moon and target Earth. Hello there, someone watching too much Star Wars?

Anyone who has been to a grade school science lesson can tell you that the low gravity in outer space will prevent you to start said "star war", but apparently Wu has skipped the lesson on gravity. Besides, why would a congressional candidate worry about two people in space when there are so many threats on earth that she says nothing about. Someone from the Dem party please give her a lesson on the REAL threats of ISIS and North Korea already.

Besides, the leftists have always been complaining about the lack of funding for NASA and the space program, saying we don't send enough people into space. Shouldn't they be happy that an American enterprise is doing a good job in achieving success in space travel while not harming the Federal budget?

Think about it, our countrymen is going to claim all the glory while not spending a dime on this space missions, while Russia and China are sweating money from their government bank account to do the same thing. It's not just a big win for SpaceX but a big win for America. I don't know about the Dem but I am all for private space exploration.

My suggestion to Ms. Wu, stop giving comment on things you have no knowledge on, go pick up a science textbook on your way home tonight. And oh, please withdraw your candidacy from the congressional race because Massachusetts don't want an idiot to represent them.

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