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Video - Dallas: Severe Flu Outbreak Means Hospitals Only Take Emergencies

So far, the flu has killed 11 people in Dallas County during the season. That is a rise compared to previous years, to such an extent that this season is readily on track to be the deadliest in years nationally for the whole of Texas and it is causing hospitals to take emergency measures.

The Methodist Dallas Medical Center was the first to tackle the problem head-on. The hospital said: "This measure is so we can still take care of emergency patients such as trauma, stroke and those transferred by ambulance,"

"We take this very seriously because we want to be able to treat anyone in need anytime."

The hospital stated that the move was "consistent with federal and state laws."

"During the period while Methodist Dallas is re-routing patients, we encourage anyone having non-emergent symptoms to seek care at an urgent care facility or through their primary care physician,"

Walgreens, which analyzed prescription data for antiviral flu medications, stated that other hospitals are likely to also only admit emergency patients if current trends continue.

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Ms. Annie Robertson, Emergency Nurse Practitioner at AFC Urgent Care admitted that the flu season seemed to be getting worse: “I’m seeing more than I’ve seen in a long time, and I’ve been doing these many years.”

According to Ms. Robertson, some 75 percent of patients have complained of flu symptoms lately. Her hospital is going through dozens of flu tests a day.

“’Fever, body aches, 'I hurt. I hurt in my chest and my back and my legs. I can deal with everything else except the pain,’ is primarily the biggest reason people are seeking help,” she says.


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Anonymous No. 15547 2018-01-08 : 13:26

Ahh yes the "flu" no one you know always gets. THE NEEDLE JEW STRIKES AGAIN.

Anonymous No. 15562 2018-01-08 : 20:26

I came down with the flu several days before Christmas, and I happen to live in Dallas. It was God awful. I don't think I've experienced worse pain from this kind of illness. Funny thing was that it breezed out after just a couple of days.

Anonymous No. 15577 2018-01-09 : 02:32

Vaccines are poison. If you don't want to get sick, then use common sense- wash your hands when arriving home and before eating or touching your face, eat a healthy diet with lots of vitamin E, exercise, get plenty of sleep, get some sunlight. If you're a healthy person that takes good care of yourself then you'll hardly ever get sick and you'll fight it off just fine if you do. Allowing people to inject some substance you don't even understand into you or your family's veins is absolutely insane.

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