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President Trump Brave Enough to Take On Welfare Reform in 2018

President Trump alongside the top GOP leadership is returning from a weekend getaway at Camp David, where the first family and Republican leaders are reportedly beginning to confront the major challenges of the 2018 legislative agenda.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, along with several other key Republicans in the House of Representatives and the United States Senate were all working with the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump in focusing on the tough challenges that have needed reforming for decades.

One of those challenges is the quintessential <i>third rail</i> of American politics; welfare, that no politician has been brave enough to restore from its currently broke state.

President Trump confirmed this by telling reporters that “welfare is something we're looking at,” which is certain to cause virtue signaling amongst the party of the hopeless, the Democrats.

Instead of simply wanting to see America live off handouts, President Trump wants to see Americans succeed and prosper… as Americans deserve to do so, in the greatest country on Earth.

Paul Ryan has suggested such changes to both the funding and eligibility requirements for a number of government programs, including Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), a welfare program intended to help low-income families achieve self-sufficiency.

“The speaker believes he has the consensus to do welfare reform,” Grover Norquist, president of Americans For Tax Reform, recently stated. “This year we are looking at Medicaid, the rest of Obamacare, food stamps and TANF welfare.”

Norquist underscored just how crucial these changes could be to America, in both preventing wasteful spending and saving future generations from debt.

President Trump has said that neither Medicare nor Social Security will be touched, which shows that this is about helping the general public to better themselves.

President Trump says he fully supports Paul Ryan, and even more so after Tax Reform was hugely successful.

America already faces a troubling National Debt, with well over $20,602,787,000.00

(that's $20.6 trillion) and counting every day.

At least .52 cents out of every tax dollar paid goes to the expenses of welfare. That's absolutely insane.

The national debt makes every child born be around $63,000.00 in debt, and around $145,000.00 per American household. Completely preposterous.

This has to be changed, but it has to be done so carefully, respectfully, and to benefit the American people as a whole.

Welfare, for far too many years, has been a handout that returns very little to the general public; and instead teaches most people that they can act as if they're a leech, taking from the system forever; and not become dependent upon themselves for success and prosperity

In fact, you could say that having the current welfare state which exists dumb down society, by giving those who would have to otherwise truly struggle to get ahead a free pass.

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Yes, when you're on welfare you don't enjoy all the luxuries available to the people who can afford them. But why should you?

Why does a person who literally doesn't pay into the system at all be given every single luxury available to man? Or at least, even those who do work and receive welfare, do not repay what they take at minimal.

It's silly to suggest that a person on welfare in America truly struggles. The problem is that we've watered down the definition of struggling, to a person who works part-time, for minimum wage or near it, living in a small house or an apartment, often times with section 8 housing or rental assistance paying part of their monthly rent, and even more so often them receiving food stamps, with the potential for utility assistance as well.

<i>“Struggling"</i> has been watered down to mean nothing.

No, you can't afford a $200 pair of shoes. No, you cannot afford a 2018 model car. You aren't <i>"struggling"</i> though.

I hate to tell you, folks, while that's not living the high life, it's certainly not <i>struggling</i> either.

Americans really aren't aware of what <i>”struggling”</i> truly is unless you're literally homeless living in a tent or under a bridge.

For the most part, even being at poverty level, and financially insecure, while on welfare; is still a dream life compared to those in many third world nations.

Imagine living in a world where you literally don't have enough crops to feed the people. Imagine having toxic water, and disease and illness so rampant that even the slightest of infections could cause death or widespread death.

That's a <i>”struggle”</i>.

For the rest of those on welfare? They're not going to die. They may not have it all, but they're not at risk for death.

Real <i>”struggling”</i> in America is caused by a catastrophe. Such as a natural disaster. Worst case scenarios, when those occur, people often times end up <i>”struggling”</i>.

Yes, some can use the system to get ahead but the majority of the time they become trapped in the cycle.

In fact, the system itself is rigged against anyone on welfare when you stop and think about it.

If they get rental assistance, utility assistance, and even food stamps while still working at a dead end job for minimum wage or near close to poverty levels of income?

They're making up for the income that the rest of us work hard for, without any assistance, and we're still behind after paying bills; in spite of working for what we have.

Welfare in itself allows people to become complacent, versus offering any real incentives to better their lives.

If they were to get a raise to, say, $15 an hour; they'd no longer be able to get that $400 a month in food stamps for them and their kids.

They'd lose the $750 a month rent voucher that allows them to live in an apartment or house at the taxpayer's expense, and they'd probably lose that medical card for their children as well.

So many that are on welfare are actually better off receiving the assistance and leeching off the system because of this; because they'd not gain much from a minor wage increase, and definitely not enough to make up for the loss of all the assistance.

It's a tragic reality, but it is indeed the truth. An inconvenient truth.

Without an incentive to better themselves, they'll inevitably stay in the system, feeding from the system, while raising their children through the system.

What values does that install into the mind of the child? What promises of success do they have, when they can see the benefits of living off the system, or in some cases outright manipulating the system.

Look everyone has the hardship, and it's a great country we live in that allows those who need help to get it, even though I am against welfare all together as a point of principle.

Our current system, however, holds Americans back, as an entire nation.

There should be incentives in place, as I mentioned, in order to promote achievement and success for those parties involved in receiving assistance, as well as those paying into the system to be able to have welfare at all.

How is it fair for a man to pay into the system for twenty years, for example, and he watches as someone else withdrawals off of it for twenty years without paying in?

The recipient should have a designated caseworker, who manages each individual case like you'd run a business.

Specific programs should be set into places such as the ability to place a welfare recipient into a trade school, to help bolster their livelihood and their career simultaneously.

If the caseworker would set goals, and the recipient was to accomplish those goals in order to continue to receive assistance, it would benefit that person and the system itself more than endless welfare measures.

Imagine if a welfare recipient were able to apprentice at a high paying trade, and jump out of welfare into a $25 an hour or more job.

They'd then be paying taxes back into the system, and be able to provide for their family on their own.

It would be a blessing. It's sort of, <i>”Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for his lifetime.”</i>

That's the essential difference between President Trump and President Obama; and if President Trump can properly tackle welfare reform, for the American people, it would truly help to <i>”Make America Great Again”</i>.

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William Henwood No. 15535 2018-01-08 : 08:06

Like the way the problems is to be addressed

Part of the Trump doctrine of enabling the citizen

Hope millions benefit

Anonymous No. 15552 2018-01-08 : 17:12

Struggling = busting your ass 10-12 hours a day just to live and contribute to the welfare state.

Getting free $$ to sit around and play video games and reproduce is not struggling in my eyes.

Anonymous No. 15596 2018-01-09 : 08:50

Ask this question:

What economic class of people own the most $200+++ tennis shoes?

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