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This election is not about Republican versus Democrat, it's about good versus evil

Trump vows he'll never give up his fight for the presidency

Republican nominee Donald Trump vows there's zero chance that he's quitting the presidential race, inspired as he is by the incredible support he has been getting from supporters and the American public.

Trump told The Wall Street Journal that "I never, ever give up", in light of calls for him to quit following the controversies created by the emergence of 10-year old recording where the candidate was heard making crude remarks while talking about his attraction to women.

Trump said

>"he's definitely staying in the battle for the presidency because Hillary is a horrible candidate and person."

The timing of the release of the controversial audio is suspect, came as it did mere two days before Trump and Clinton are scheduled to meet anew for the second presidential debate.

Trump, however, was quick to apologize for his words a decade ago, calling them " foolish". " Anyone who knows me knows those words don't reflect who I am. I said it, I was wrong and I apologize.", added Trump.

Trump also said that the opportunity to interact with the American people while on the campaign trail has further motivated him.

>" I pledge to be a better man tomorrow and I will never let you down", Trump said.

Knowing that the release of the controversial audio is the handiwork of his political opponents out to hurt his chances to become the next US president,

Trump showed he remains in fighting form when he challenged the Clintons.

>"Bill Clinton has actually abused women and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims", Trump said

as he promised he would be revealing more in the coming days.

Trump added that the remarks he made a decade ago were merely " locker room banter" and part of a private conversation.

He further claims that “Bill Clinton has shared to him far worse things on the golf course.”

While some allies criticized Trump on the controversy, many others stood by him and pledged their continued support. One of them is Ralph Reed, the founder and chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition who dismissed the recording as an unimportant concern for the religious voters in the election.

" People of faith are voting on issues like who will protect unborn life, defend religious freedom, defend Planned Parenthood and oppose the Iran nuclear deal. A 10-year audio of a private conversation with a television talk show host ranks very low on their hierarchy of concerns", Reed said.

Robert Jeffers, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas said that the controversy will not be enough to make him shift his support to Hillary. " We're all sinners. This election is not about Republican versus Democrat, it's about good versus evil.", clearly alluding to

Clinton as the evil.

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