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ICE to Carry Out Deportation of Paraplegic Child’s Provider

“The law may be harsh, but it is the law.” The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is sticking to such legal dictum in the case of an Ohio man they are deporting following the law regardless of the difficult situation his dependents left behind will be facing.

The ICE Detroit office said in a statement that they are deporting 27-year-old Yancarlos Mendez after it was discovered that he was overstaying his visit under the Visa Waiver Program. The ICE is also denying an appeal on their decision. Mendez is the sole provider and medical caregiver of a young paraplegic boy.

Mendez’s story gained attention in the news earlier this week following disclosure of his “unique” situation as the provider and caregiver to Ricky Solis, the six-year-old paraplegic son of his fiancee Sandra Mendoza.

The biological father of the young boy is not supporting the boy and had previously physically and emotionally hurt his mother. He has since looked up and regarded the overstaying Mendez as his only “father figure.” Mendez has been with mother and child since 2014 when he moved in with them.

Mendez has been providing for the mother and child as an auto mechanic. He and Mendoza also underwent medical training to take care of the young boy after he became paralyzed from the waist down in an accident. Mendoza also quit her job to take care of her son full-time. The mother and child only relied on Mendez’s income for daily sustenance. They also depend on Mendez for the $565 monthly rental of their home.

The family’s immigration attorney filed an appeal to have the deportation order suspended for one year citing the difficult circumstances of the mother and child who are dependent on Mendez’s income. The request was firmly turned down.

Officials said in the statement: “ICE has carefully reviewed his case and determined he was ineligible for any agency relief. And as such will move forward with his repatriation to his home country.”


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Anonymous No. 15494 2018-01-07 : 20:17

OK they hired an Illegal. So get a US citizen, or a Authorized Green Card holder to do the job.

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