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Woman Jumps To Her Death At Same Bridge Sister Was Raped And Thrown Off

Rebecca Thomson Brown, 37, of Wyoming, returned to the site where she last saw her sister alive on July 31, 1992, but she decided it was time to end her own life and jumped off the Fremont Canyon Bridge.

The 100-foot bridge was where her sister was killed 19 years earlier after she and her sister were both raped and thrown off the bridge. It should be noted that authorities are not sure whether her death was a suicide or accidental.

Natrona County Sheriff David Dovala said after her fall, "She was raped and murdered 19 years ago, but she just died Friday." Dovala was the detective who was assigned to the original 1973 case of two sisters who were tossed off the bridge and Becky was one of them.

The crime took place on Sept. 24, 1973, at around 9 p.m., when an 18-year-old Becky and her half-sister Amy Burridge, 11, drove to a store to buy groceries. The girls called their mother 30 minutes after leaving to say they had gotten a flat and two "nice men" were going to help them get home.

The two little girls never made it home. The next morning, an elderly couple discovered a girl's body bruised, bloody and naked from the waist down on the side of the road. Becky told the couple, "I was raped and thrown off the bridge, and my little sister too."

The two "nice men" turned out to have slashed the girl's tire intentionally and then lured them into accepting a ride home. When they got to the bridge, one demanded Amy get out. "I love you, Becky," she said, the last words she would ever speak to her sister.

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The men then took turns raping the girls and when they were done they weaklings struggled to lift the small girls over the railing. When Becky tried to fight back one of the men strangled her and the other yelled, "Make sure she’ll be dead."

Finally, they successfully tossed the girls over the bridge.

Becky survived after striking a rock face on the way down redirecting her body into a deeper part of the water. Amy didn't survive. Becky described their assailants to authorities who identified Ronald Kennedy, 27, and Jerry Jenkins, 29.

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Both men were arrested but the defense treated Becky so poorly she refused to cooperate a second time for Jenkins trial. Kennedy went to prison but Jenkins was released.

The two were eventually given death sentences before having them reversed and were given life behind bars instead. Jenkins died of heart failure in 1998.

On a summer night in 1992, Becky was deep in despair over divorce, debt, and trauma from the assault all those years ago.

She and her boyfriend traveled to the site of her sister's murder but when he stepped away briefly to put the child in the car he heard a crash and when he looked back Becky was gone.

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Anonymous No. 15460 2018-01-07 : 11:08

A good example of why America needs a Death penalty court system. Where death penalty cases are only heard.

The cases are handled by a special court and trained DA's to quickly determine guilt or innocences.

Then after 1 federal appeal, and still found guilty, apply justice within 90 days in a Public Location for all to see as a deterent.

Using Hanging, Shooting, Electrocution or may be applying Death in the same way they murdered their victim(s).

But NO going to sleep peacefully.

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