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Peaceful Muslim Attacks 70-Year-Old Woman With Machete

A man in Burlington has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after he violently attacked a 70-year-old woman with a machete. One witness named Carl Mcmahon described the ordeal saying, "It's pretty scary yes."

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Mcmahon was staying at Harbor Place, a place that offers emergency housing with services run by the Champlain Housing Trust. Police were initially called and told a man with a knife was smashing out car windows but upon arrival discovered it was much worse.

Corporal Jon Marcoux of Shelburne Police says, "On arrival, we found that this person who was reported to have a knife, had actually attacked an elderly female." The female was a 73-year-old Meals on Wheels volunteer who was bringing free food to those staying at Harbor Place.

Despite getting a free roof over his head and free meals, 32-year-old Abukar Ibrahim lashed out at the victim with a machete badly wounding her as she delivered the food. She was taken to the hospital with multiple injuries but is expected to survive.

"He barricaded himself in the room. After two and a half hours, he came out on his own," Marcoux said. The Corporal also elaborated saying it is not uncommon for Shelburne Police Department to respond to Harbor Place.

"I think anytime you put a lot of people in a place, not necessarily Harbor Place, but any place, the more contact people have with others, especially under trying circumstances, I think generates more calls," Marcoux explained.

Ibrahim is scheduled to be arraigned Monday on charges of attempted murder. He was booked at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility.

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