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15-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Shot In The Head By Brother

What seems to be a tragic accident took place over New Year's weekend at a Hillsboro home where officials say a 15-year-old girl was shot and killed.

Chief Tony Cain of the Hillsboro Department of Public Safety confirmed Friday they received a call around 9:40 p.m. on December 30, 2017. The 911 call reported an unresponsive person at a house in the 1000 block of E. Walnut Street.

When police arrived, they found 15-year-old Jayla Riggs with a gunshot wound to the head. Riggs was taken to Hill Regional Hospital where she died soon after arriving.

Justice of the Peace Charles Jones declared Riggs deceased but the cause of death is under investigation and awaiting an autopsy.

Hillsboro DPS Criminal Investigative Division interviewed witnesses to the shooting and found evidence that leads them to believe Riggs was shot in the head while playing a video game in her living room.

The investigation indicates Riggs was shot by her 17-year-old brother who said he didn't know the gun was loaded and it was an AD, accidental discharge.

Investigators are still conducting interviews with family and witnesses prior to presenting a case to the District Attorney's office but it is likely charges will be filed against the older family member.

The victim's grandmother described her as loving to sing and dance. "She was a very special angel to us, and it's tragic that we lost her," she said. "Honestly I believe she was going to be a star one day."

Jayla Riggs was the youngest of four children, her mother was a single mom and her family has set up a GoFundMe page for Jayla's funeral.

This is a stark reminder of the importance of firearms safety, don't handle one without the proper training and anyone under 21 is not allowed to possess handguns.

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N2N No. 15382 2018-01-06 : 12:11

This is why home defense weapons owners should teach their kids early on about safe handling and take the trill out of being around firearms.

As much as the Liberals and Socialists want to ban firearms. Firearms are not even listed in the CDC's Top 15 causes of death in USA.

Now If we want to discuss the biggest killer of the US Population?

Lets discuss the estimated 600,000 to 650,000 "reported" Abortions on demand each year. Which according to the CDC equals 12.1 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years, and a ratio was 18.6% abortions per 1,000 live births.

Moral of the Story:

The real killer is not a Gun, it is the person usually between the legs of a Woman.

Anonymous No. 15426 2018-01-06 : 22:18

We never had that problem when l was growing up. My dad kept the guns locked up.

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