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FBI Finds Clumps Of Frozen Human Heads, Legs, Arms, Organs In Warehouse

Federal agents made a startling discovery in Detroit when they raided the warehouse of a "body broker". The FBI found frozen clumps of heads, arms, legs, organs, and torsos in the warehouse in 2013.

An FBI investigator testified Friday in the fraud trial of the body broker behind the gore-filled warehouse saying it took multiple days using pneumatic chisels to separate frozen clumps of human bodies.

Some body parts were found in regular beer coolers, Tupperware, paint cans, 50-gallon drums and even in a refrigerator next to ingredients for sandwiches, according to FBI agent Leslie Larsen.

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The man behind the wholesale carnage is Arthur Rathburn, 64, of Grosse Pointe Park, and his ex-wife Elizabeth Rathburn.

The couple is accused of operating a body broker business named International Biological Inc. and fraudulently misrepresenting their inventory of human body parts.

The pair purchased disease-infected bodies at a discount but failed to disclose those infections to customers. Diseases found among the body parts included Sepsis, HIV, and Hepatitis, according to U.S. attorneys.

The people who used their services would rent body parts that originated from deceased people who donated their bodies and organs to science. The body parts were often dissected and displayed at seminars according to U.S. Attorney John Neal.

Arthur Rathburn is on trial for 13 federal crimes that include nine counts of wire fraud, a count of illegal transportation of hazardous material and two counts of making false statements to a public official.

Elizabeth Rathburn faces a count of wire fraud and agreed to testify against her ex-husband for the government in exchange for a plea bargain. She pleaded guilty to both charges in accordance with that deal.

FBI agent Larsen testified Friday calling the warehouse "filthy" as she described photos she and other agents took of the warehouse when it was raided in December 2013.

Agents described 10 to 20 piles of dead flies and other insects and bodies that were frozen together and needed a crowbar and power saws to separate.

The facility lacked running water or operational restrooms and the FBI had to rent portable toilets while they conducted their multi-day investigation.

Each of the 16 jurors was provided copies of numerous gory photos which were kept in manila folders, however, U.S. District Judge Paul Borman forbid attorneys from displaying the images on the large overhead display in the courtroom.

Occasionally, clients would catch on to Rathburn's scheme and discovered the infectious diseases prompting Rathburn to offer a $3,500 credit to one such client at the Biological Resource Center of Illinois.

The trial against Arthur Rathburn is set to resume Tuesday and will likely continue through at least February based on an online court schedule.

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Anonymous No. 15399 2018-01-06 : 17:29

Really!! Now I have to convince my grandfather to just get cremated as he wants to donate his body to "science" and there in no way I want to have his remains piled up in some chop shop for sale to the highest bidder.

These animals are as bad as pedos!!

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