By: Victoria Fantoche | 03-01-2017 | News
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The Left Weeps As President Trump Signs Significant Laws Empowering Women

Once again, the leftists proof that they are impossible to please.

Earlier today, President Donald Trump signed a new law to help protect women in the work force. The "Inspiring women act", which support increase the amount of support women get in the business world, showing our government's determination to put American first, no matter what your gender is. In one month after becoming the President, President Trump and his staff have already put a significant amount of effort in creating new ways to help women in the science, technology, engineering and maths fields to improve their chances of success. From now on, women with S.T.E.M. degrees will have the protection they long needed.

It sounds like a very sweet deal for Americans, does it not? Apparently, it's not good enough for the leftists. They are sobbing and yelling like babies, protesting President Trump for doing this good job to empower the ladies, saying that he can do better than this.

Is it possible that the leftists secretly hate women? I will let you be the judge. The leftists are so used to lying on the moral high ground and say No to everything the conservatives have to say. At this point, I don't think they've even read the law before start the yelling fest. If you look up the history of the Obama administration, you can see that they have not did much to help the women in the business world, but I never recall the leftists complain about that.

A functioning government needs the support of its people, not just half of it. It is very unamerican to not support and respect your leader of the country. Our president is facing an opposing power from the other party like no Presidents has faced before. It is so unfair that some people can't take a lose in the election fairly and lash out on the winner for winning. They are so determined to destroy the conservative movement and the good jobs done by President Trump's government. I urge them to put down their extremely biased glasses and do some good for our country, help the Trump's administration to unite the country, rather than divide America even further.

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Anonymous No. 1561 2017-03-02 : 05:10

Gas the jews. Feminists are fine though

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