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Ballsy Indian Assaults US Woman On Flight As Wife Sleeps Next To Him

This next one is so mind-boggling that it should be included in the next version of Trivial Pursuit. Imagine you’re sitting in the middle seat on a US internal flight. 3 seats left, 3 seats right in economy class. 30 rows or so.

A beautiful young girl is sleeping next to you at the window, and your wife of many years is sleeping next to you on the aisle seat. You are sexually aroused. Where do your hands land?

For an Indian man, they were in fact found in the pants of the young girl next to him.

Mr Prabhu Ramamoorthy, 34 years old and living in the US on an Indian visa, was arrested for sexual assault as the 22-year-old unnamed American girl next to him woke up screaming seeing Mr Ramamoorthy’s hands in her pants with her shirt and pants unbuttoned.

The incident happened some 40 minutes before the plane landed in Detroit on January 3rd of this year. It was a Spirit Airlines flight coming from Las Vegas.

The girl, who flight attendants confirmed ran towards them crying, screaming and with her clothes half off, was allowed to sit next to the flight attendants for the remainder of the flight whilst Mr Ramamoorthy was arrested upon landing.

Afterwards, though, it would appear his wife defended his actions, saying the girl had made it all up and that her husband would never do this.

Federal prosecutor Ms Amanda Jawad: “It seems that she’s either colluding with the defendant to cover up his actions or she’s completely oblivious to what he did.”

“What makes this offense particularly egregious and the defendant even more of a danger to the community is the fact that it took place on an airplane. He was brazen enough to do this basically in public, next to his wife where anyone could have seen him.”

The Indian man told police officers that he had taken a sleeping pill and fallen into a slumber. Afterwards, according to his statement, the 22-year-old woman was found sleeping on his knees.


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