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Italian Election Brings EU Anger And Costa Concordia Hero

Most people in Europe thought that the threat of an EU disaster or any country pulling out of the Eurozone had gone now that 2017 saw the passing of French, German and Dutch elections with reasonable results. That is until this week, when the Italian parliament announced that it would be holding elections in March 2018 to form a new government and the first polls showed a serious swing to the right (as in all other major EU countries in fact).

If polls would become reality, the anti-EU parties would take some 40% of the vote, making it a sheer impossibility for any EU-loving politicians to form a government. In short, the anti-EU ‘Five-Star Movement’ (founded by Italian comedian Beppe Grillo) would take the largest share of the vote, currently polling at some 28%, followed by the socialists (Democratic Party) of Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, currently heading the Italian government at some 26% and the conservatives (Forza Italia, formerly of Prime Minister ‘bunga-bunga’ Berlusconi) at 18%.

And even more worrying for EU politicians in Brussels, the anti-EU and anti-immigrant Lega Nord of Mr Matteo Renzi is currently polling at 4th place with some 15% of the vote. His aim is to send all African immigrants arriving in Italy straight back and voters are rewarding him for it apparently.

On a somewhat lighter note, voters will also be glad to be able to elect a genuine Italian hero with Mr Gregorio De Falco who is going to the polls as a representative of the Five-Star Movement.

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Mr De Falco, considered by all Italians as a military hero with rigorous ethics, rose to fame during the Costa Concordia disaster, when he famously shouted at the ship’s captain Schettino to stay on the ship as it was sinking and lookout for his passengers, in other words, just do his civic duty.

He famously shouted, to the delight of all Italians, the most used Italian swear-words to the scared-for-his-life captain.

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