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Hispanics Slashes Man's Throat While He Defends His Pregnant Wife From Abduction

Othon Maldonado had a brush with death when two Hispanic thugs tried to kidnap his pregnant wife. Police say two Hispanic males left Maldonado for dead after cutting his throat and stabbing him multiple times in the head and hands.

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The violent abduction attempt took place on December 18 in the 400 block of W. Little York Road. Maldonado and his wife stopped for a quick breakfast but just as they got out of their car, the two kidnappers rushed them and brandished knives.

Sandra Martinez is Maldonado's wife and she says they took his wallet and cellphone and told him they were taking her with them. The two Hispanics tried to pull Martinez into their car and that is when Maldonado started fighting back.

During the fight, one of the suspects began slashing Maldonado with his knife cutting his throat, head, and hands. When they failed to abduct his wife, the attackers sped off leaving Maldonado gushing blood in the parking lot.

His wife put him in their car and rushed him to the hospital where he was treated and survived. Maldonado was just released from the hospital Thursday but still has a lot of recovering to do.

HPD Robbery Detective Jeff Brieden said, "On a threat scale of one to ten, I’d say this guy is a ten. He’s just about as dangerous as they get. He cut him up really bad. Which tells me it wouldn’t have bothered this guy one bit if he had killed him."

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Maldonado and his wife were able to provide a description of their attacks describing the first man as a Hispanic man, 30-to-35-years-old, 5'07 to 5'10, 225-250 pounds, black shirt, blue jeans, short hair, medium complexion and tattoo with "Houston" written on his right arm.

They described the second man as a Hispanic man, 30 t–35-years-old, 5’7 to 5’10, 160 to 200 pounds, short hair and dark complexion.

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Anonymous No. 15309 2018-01-05 : 11:55

Got damn that police sketch is scary, I wouldn't want that guy telling me my wife is going with him and coming at my neck with a knife.. props to this guy for standing up for his. Get well dude

Admirer No. 15347 2018-01-05 : 23:21

Prayers. Hope they're caught

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