By: Steve Dellar | 01-05-2018 | Weird
Photo credit: Facebook Lilia Botuseva

Couple Sacrifice Themselves To Satan On Greek Holiday

A European tourist couple who were found bled to death has been officially ruled as having sacrificed themselves for Satan in a Wolf Moon ritual. The first moon of the year, the Wolf Moon, is known to be linked to human sacrifice and satanic rituals as many believe it is the strongest moon of the year.

Knives, candles and a pentagram symbol were all found in an Airbnb room rented by a young couple in the Greek town of Vlachata on the island of Kefalonia

23-year-old Miss Lilia Botusheva from Bulgaria had rented the room together with her boyfriend, a 30-year-old unnamed German man.

Ms. Botusheva died first after cutting herself and was found half-naked on a sofa. She had scars that were possibly caused by similar rituals in the past. She was wearing a pentagram pendant around her neck.

Her German boyfriend was probably watching her die and then sat in the bath as he plunged a knife into his heart.

Both their lifeless bodies were found on December 31st by the pregnant owner of the guesthouse, where the pair had been staying since Christmas.

The young girl from Bulgaria (who had studied in Germany) was reported missing since last June and was the subject of an Interpol (European police) notice to help find her.

Her family also appealed to social media for her but when they found out she was staying with her boyfriend in the city of Erfurt, they called off the search for her.

In a further strange spell, it would appear that the couple had traveled to Greece by car, using fake plates.


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Anonymous No. 15321 2018-01-05 : 14:32

Any photo of the ritual?

Anonymous No. 15341 2018-01-05 : 19:50

15321 - there are some tv reports in the greek press about it. Follow the source link. Regards, The Goldwater.

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