By: Lawrence Synder | 03-01-2017 | News
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Majority of Voters Sick of Democrats’ Anti-Trump Efforts

A recent political research report has revealed that majority of the voters in the country are not happy with the Democratic Party’s constant actions against President Donald Trump. For them, it would be better for the entire country and for the party itself to cooperate with Trump.

The study, which was carried out by Rasmussen Reports, was conducted earlier this week through a survey of 1,000 voters. It mainly focused on their views regarding the current political environment after Trump was elected president.

Despite Trump’s efforts to come up with policies for the development of the country, he has always been the target of protests and counter-actions carried out by liberals led by the Democratic Party.

For most voters, though, these counter-productive efforts by the Democrats need to stop. As stated in the study, about 63 percent of the surveyed voters strongly believe that the country and the Democrats would be better off if the liberal political party would stop their anti-Trump efforts and just work with the president. On the other hand, less than 30 percent still believe that the Democratic Party should oppose everything that Trump does for the country.

The polled individuals included registered Democratic voters. Among members of the party, majority or about 46 percent agree that it would be better for Democrats to work with the current administration. About 44 percent said that the party should still counter Trump’s policies.

The results from the study should be viewed as important indicators in molding today’s political environment. Instead of fighting the president in any way possible, Democratic politicians and voters should strive to accept the fact that Trump’s policies and goals as president are for the benefit of everyone. Hopefully, they will realize that Trump is actually an effective leader and that he’s only looking out for what’s best for the country.

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Leandra Denmark No. 1577 2017-03-02 : 21:17

I agree completely. I'm burnt out on the attacks against Trump and his administration. I've also got Russia fatigue and just tune it out.

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