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Based Hungary Starts Construction on Second Anti-Migrant Wall

With war raging in the middle east, thousands of people have been displaced and are seeking refuge. One way for immigrants to reach wealthy European countries with welfare economies is by crossing from Serbia into Hungary. The Hungarian border has been under pressure as refugees attempt to cross its Southern border fences, many to escape Syria. To combat illegal entry, the government is investing $130 million in building a fence along the Hungarian/Serbian border. Although a barbwire fence put up in 2015 is already in place, a second fence will act as a "second line of defense" according to Janos Lazar, Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Viktor Orban.*

Along with the fence, shipping containers will be used to house refugees attempting to cross the border while their requests for entry are processed. These shipping containers are a cost effective method to temporarily house the people entering Hungary. It may seem rather odd, but shipping containers are large enough to house people and will be setup at points along the border. The situation in Hungary is a grim reminder of the need for a country to protect its borders. When German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced Germany would open their borders, thousands of refugees poured into the country. These refugees overwhelmed Budapest's main train station and created chaos.

Erecting this "second line of defense" will aid in the formal processing of those looking to enter Hungary. As refugees reach the border, they are housed at important points where they will wait for their application to enter the country legally. Although the barbwire fence erected in 2015 was largely condemned, it has all but stemmed the flow of migrants to a manageable trickle. This new fence will not just provide protection for Hungary, but it will help provide temporary lodging, and a formal process for migrants looking to enter the country that will give them legal access. Hungary is largely leading the way for other European countries and setting an example for others to follow. The positive effects of protecting the border and providing order for those looking to enter the country will most likely have a profound effect on European migrant policy.

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